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Business phone systems improve the communication capabilities of small and large businesses. Landline business phone systems fail to meet the needs of growing companies. Whether you operate a small office or a multi-national enterprise, business phone systems prove essential.

Technological advancements have made business phone systems more affordable than ever before. Reliable small business phone systems quickly connect clients to proper extensions and never unpredictably drop customer calls. Build strong, long-lasting customer relationships by learning the many benefits of new phone systems for business. 

Don’t let outdated phone systems deter your business growth; contact Succurri for expert help, support, and world-class service. We relish the opportunity to improve our local community’s efficiency, productivity, and capabilities. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about business phone systems.


What Are Business Phone Systems?

Business phone systems consist of internet-connected lines that support large call volumes, conference calls, and voice messaging. Landline phone systems cannot support multiple incoming or outgoing calls, reducing business efficiency. Advanced business phone systems streamline communication in an office, support the needs of a growing business, and help business owners conduct daily operations. 

The three main types of business phone systems available include the following: 

  • PBX (Private branch exchange)
  • KSU( Key System Units)
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) 

Choosing the right phone system for your business depends on your business’s specific needs. Speak to the friendly staff at Succurri for help selecting the best-suited business phone system for you.

Benefits of Business Phone Systems 

Small businesses provide essential services, job opportunities, and goods to the Washington State community. Small businesses alone generate over 40% of the GDP (gross domestic product) in the United States. The advanced features of business phone systems support the needs of growing businesses. 

Running a small business requires tremendous multi-tasking abilities, customer service, and attention to detail. Allow the professionals at Succurri to help you choose, install, and maintain state-of-the-art phone systems for small businesses.

Here are the many benefits of professionally installed office phone systems for small businesses: 

Reducing Monthly Fees 

Landline phone companies charge costly monthly maintenance and repair fees. Small phone system charges may appear insignificant, but small costs increase over time. Paying for substandard traditional phone systems prevents business owners from operating effectively. 

Advanced business phone systems cost a fraction of traditional landlines and feature countless improvements to keep your business running smoothly.

Offering Abbreviated Dialing 

Endlessly dialing long sequences of numbers into old phone systems reduces the efficiency and productivity of small businesses. New business phone systems have abbreviated dialing capabilities, allowing employees to reach their desired parties faster. Those working internationally or from home can connect abbreviated dialing extensions to their mobile devices for improved communication capabilities.

Sharing Phone 

Anyone who grew up in the 90s understands the distress of only having one phone line in a household. Business phone systems accommodate multiple incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously, reducing the chances of missing calls and busy lines. Connecting small businesses to customers remains the primary function of newly developed business phone systems. 

Increasing Profitability 

Missed phone calls translate to missed sales, frustrated customers, and reduced profitability. Egregious monthly landline phone costs further disrupt small businesses’ bottom line. Connect with customers more efficiently and improve profitability by learning more about business phone systems. 

A bad review online outlining the “unresponsive” or “unhelpful” nature of your business could negatively impact profitability. Increase profitability and build strong relationships with your customers with the help of a business phone system. 

Making Call Transfers Easier 

Call transfers remain easier than ever before with business phone systems. All employees have a designated extension connecting customers to their desired contact. The phone operator places the caller on hold, enters the extension number, and presses the transfer button to merge the two lines. 

Simplifying Caller IDs 

Business phone systems provide incoming and outgoing caller IDs. Customize your caller ID to keep the branding of your business consistent. Business phone systems also include call ID blocking capabilities to protect employees’ privacy after business hours. 

Making Conference Calls More Accessible 

Traditional phone lines cannot handle frequent conference calls. Incoming calls disrupt large conference calls, force dropped calls, and reduce the efficiency of business operations. Business phone lines can easily connect large groups of employees using office and mobile phones from anywhere in the world. 

Making Remote Work Simple 

Technological innovations in business phone lines allow employees to connect their extensions to mobile devices. Remote employees greatly benefit from consistent caller IDs, reduced use of home landlines, and easy-to-use extensions. Business phone lines connect remote employees to customers, coworkers, and vendors easily. 

Permitting Employee Privacy 

Work calls received during off-hours to mobile phones may seem like a shortcoming of business phone lines; however, employee privacy measures prevent unwanted calls from disrupting employees on off days. Employees can enable call-blocking protocols and send all customer voice messages to a separate, dedicated mailbox. Business phone systems protect the privacy of hardworking employees. 

Accessing Shared Resources 

Business phone lines enable employees to share, communicate, and present essential resources. For example, instead of forcing employees to stop working for a 45-minute meeting, business phone lines easily connect multiple employees to conference calls to share information. Employees may even check work voicemails, messages, and calls away from the office on their mobile devices. 

Reducing Paper Waste 

Businesses that strive to protect the planet from further damage stand apart from their competition. Business phone lines reduce the need for paper memos and streamline office communication. Over one billion trees worth of paper get thrown away each year; business phone lines help companies reduce harmful paper waste.

Contact Succurri for All Your Business Phone System Needs

Succurri proudly serves the Mesa, Arizona community. Our trained professionals wield years of experience helping small business owners thrive. We offer business phone systems at affordable prices and never charge our valuable customers hidden fees. 

To learn more about our exciting cloud-based phone systems, call Succurri to speak with our friendly staff. At Succurri, we always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Call us today to learn how we can help your small business thrive


Why Choose Succurri for My Business Phone Systems? 

The well-trained staff at Succurri undergo extensive training and education in business phone systems. We help customers select business phone systems that match their company’s needs while also assisting with all installation, repair, and maintenance needs. 

What Features Can I Expect from Your Business Phone System? 

Business phone systems come equipped with extended warranties, voice recording features, cloud storage options, conference call capabilities, videoconferencing technologies, and so much more. Speak to the fantastic staff at Succurri for more information about the countless features of business phone systems. 

Will You Help Me with the Setup Process? 

Of course! Our staff love helping small business owners set up business phone systems. We’ve helped small and large businesses across Washington State integrate business phone systems quickly and correctly for many years. We also offer repair and maintenance services for newly installed business phone systems.

When Can I Expect to Experience the Benefits of Business Phone Systems?

After installation, employees immediately experience the many benefits of business phone systems. Hassle-free conference calls, zero dropped calls, and easy call transferring significantly improve daily business operations. 

Will the System Work with My Current Software? 

Business phone systems operate effectively with various computer software. Our experts will ensure that your business’s current software remains compatible with your new phone system. Nextiva, RingCentral, and Ooma business phone systems work incredibly well with various software programs.

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