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Network security research reveals that out of over 30 million small to mid-sized commercial operators in the United States, over 66% had a cyber security attack that impacted their profits from 2018 to 2020, which resulted in an average of $2.5 million in lost business per company. At Succurri, our network technicians and data privacy experts take providing IT security services seriously. We know that all i takes is one case of website malfunction or private data leakage to take independent business owners off the market.


IT Security: An Overview

Objectives of IT Security

Creating an IT security policy for your corporate network requires more work than it seems, and it takes decades of professional experience to do it without leaving vulnerabilities. The standard security posture of a commercial operation has three aspects.

  • Confidentiality of Information is a crucial element of privacy protection. It defines which organizations and individuals inside your business can access data from a shared network.
  • Information Integrity refers to a combination of security strategies, like firewalls and encryption, which protects sensitive information from unauthorized users.
  • 100% Availability of Information means your IT security solutions network enables users with the correct clearances to access accurate data efficiently.

Areas that Include IT Security

IT security should cover every area of your network. Hackers and other bad actors can create programs to take down your website or scam your employees when they spot a minor vulnerability. Every IT security specialist from Succurri can provide top-down protection that covers 100% of your B2B and consumer-side activity.

  • Endpoint Security protects a comprehensive range of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs, that might contain sensitive company information.
  • Cloud Security prevents malicious actors from accessing your data online and tracking your digital footprint.
  • User Security refers to routine educational programs and reminders from your IT security analyst that keeps you and your employees engaged on the best practices for protecting company data.

Threats to IT Security

As the leading IT security providers in our service areas, our technicians at Succurri prevent hundreds of cyber attacks daily. We classify security threats into three categories:

  • Ransomware attacks prevent users from accessing files and programs until they agree to pay a ransom.
  • Spyware attacks appear as system maintenance reminders and seemingly harmless programs, which eventually collect user data that malicious third-party can weaponize.
  • Viruses execute a program inside a computing device, which might destroy it or operate in the background while collecting sensitive information.

IT Security vs. Cybersecurity vs. Network Security

Cybersecurity, network security, and IT security are three terms that are sometimes used interchangeably in our industry. However, they have contrasting qualities that make their pricing, utility, and implementation different.

IT security is a catch-all service that protects your physical computers, hard drives, and electronic assets from exploitation. Cyber security professionals protect online data structures from malicious threats. Network security prevents unauthorized parties from infiltrating your private infrastructure.

The Different Types of Cyber Attacks Explained

Our IT security professionals are experts at identifying security threats before they become legitimate problems. We categorize the cyber attacks that our technicians encounter into four classifications.

Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced persistent threats refer to programs and vulnerabilities that allow hackers to spend considerable time and resources to spy on your data centers, email addresses, and network drives.


Malware is an umbrella term that covers viruses, worms, and other exploitative programs, which can corrupt computers and flood them with intrusive pop-ups.


According to the Ponemon Institute, phishing caused mid-sized commercial operators to lose an average of $14.8 million in 2021. Phishing attacks start as professional-looking emails sent to employees and contractors, which lead to fake websites that collect sensitive information.

DDoS Attacks

DDoS refers to Distributed Denial of Service attacks, where programmers use bots and other automated tools to paralyze a website by creating more work than your servers can handle.

Protecting Your Network from Cyber Attacks

Training or recruiting new employees to create a cyber security division requires months of vetting and thousands of dollars in human resources investments. According to the Association for Talent Development, small to mid-sized commercial operators must invest at least $1,200 per existing employee to help them fill a technical role.

Our clients work around that process by hiring a licensed IT security provider to create and implement business continuity measures, shorten resolution times, and improve network security. Our technicians at Succurri help operators stay secure and competitive by protecting them with the following procedures:

  • Using encrypted lanes of communication to protect their digital footprints, like VPNs and firewalls
  • Recommending complex passwords with numbers, symbols, and letters in upper- and lowercase to protect email addresses.
  • Implementing multi-factor authentication
  • Backing up company data
  • Training employees to identify and report phishing messages
  • Installing cloud-enabled automated malware and virus scanners that routinely ensure network drives are clean and healthy


Our IT Security Services

Information Security: Keeping Your Company’s Information Secure

Our information security measures encompass all the latest techniques and programs that identify, record, and defend against potential risks to your digital and physical information. We use the fundamentals of information security to achieve the four primary goals of an IT security solution: data security, reliability, and efficient access to data.

Disaster Recovery: Implementing a Data Recovery Solution

Our technicians and project planners can create a data recovery plan to keep your PCs, internal network, and customer-facing websites running when natural disasters strike or network drives go down.

Network Security: Manage Security to Eliminate Wasted Time

Our network security programs help business owners ensure their employees can work and their customers can contact them without security disruptions getting in the way. It covers:

  • Security for corporate and customer data
  • Encrypt sensitive information and send them through lanes undetectable to outside parties
  • Spyware protection to retain customer and client data integrity

Content Filtering: How to Allow Work-related Content to Be Accessed?

At Succurri, our technicians roll out proprietary content filtering programs for our clients with multiple internal networks and shop locations. We design it with automated firewalls to flag and block images and keywords so that employees exclusively access work-related content on company time. You can deny teams access to sections of your intranet or social media sites while working.


Stop Spam Emails: Block & Get Rid of Unwanted Email Permanently

Unsolicited emails, whether they come from legitimate businesses or bad actors, are a distraction for employees and customers. Malicious organizations can use them to conduct phishing scams and spread viruses, stealing private information that could cost you millions of dollars in liabilities. Our filters allow businesses to delete spam emails as they arrive so that no one ever reads them.

DFARS: What Does This Mean?

DFARS refers to the DoD Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement, a compliance measure that contractors working with the Department of Defense must meet.

HIPPA Compliance: Secure & Private Transfer of Medical Information

HIPPA compliance means your organization can protect the sensitive medical data of your patients, whether it pertains to future treatment plans, history of illnesses, or current mental health needs.

PCI DSS Compliance: Security Paradigm for Acceptance of Digital Card Payments

Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a must for commercial operators that transact with customers through credit and debit banking solutions, which Succurri can help enable.

Succurri: Offering You the Highest Quality IT Security Services

At Succurri, our IT cyber security experts work tirelessly to keep SMBs competitive, ensuring they meet regulatory requirements for cloud security and offline data center backups. We are one of the leading IT security providers in the Mesa, Arizona area. Call us for a free consultation and security checkup.

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