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Reliable email hosting services increase the efficiency and productivity of your small business. The experts at Succurri connect small businesses to reputable, high-quality email hosting providers at an affordable price. Email optimization helps small businesses grow, thrive, and stand apart from the competition. 

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about email hosting providers.

What Is Email Hosting?

Email hosting refers to outsourcing email storage, correspondence, and files to third-party providers. But how does email hosting work? Dedicated email hosting providers take care of all legacy hardware maintenance and free small businesses from the burden of maintaining costly servers. The most popular email hosting providers include the following: 

  • Microsoft 365
  • Fastmail
  • Google Workspace
  • Rackspace
  • IceWarp
  • Hostinger 
  • Zoho Workplace

Email hosting services prove essential as small businesses remain susceptible to cyberattacks. In 2022, cybercriminals successfully stole over six trillion dollars from small and large companies. Reputable email hosting services protect business owners from digital thieves, fraud, identity theft, and much more.

What Makes a Great Email Hosting Service?

Free email hosting services leave business owners exposed to cybercriminals. Low-cost email hosting services protect business data, sensitive customer payment information, and financial records. Next time you seek high-quality email hosting services, consider the following tips for selecting the best provider to meet your needs:


Confirm that the email hosting service you select offers data backup, disaster recovery, and antimalware services. Ask your email hosting providers about email encryption, spam protection, and two-factor authentication to keep your business operations running safely and smoothly. 


Always hire email hosting providers that maintain years of experience. Some online email hosting providers advertise absurdly low prices and guaranteed safety from cyber criminals. Always review online testimonials and reviews of an email hosting company before entrusting them with your email security needs.


Best Email Hosting Provider for Keeping Everything on the Cloud

Cloud storage technologies improve small businesses’ profitability, scalability, and efficiency. Public, private, and hybrid cloud storage networks provide enhanced data storage capabilities, 24/7 support lines, and access to the latest software technologies. Moving your email infrastructure to the cloud further enhances the safety and protection of sensitive data. 

Some of the most impressive cloud network email hosting providers we work with include the following: 

  • Hostinger 
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium 
  • IceWarp Cloud 
  • Google Workspace
  • ScalaHosting 

If you haven’t considered cloud migration services for your business, speak with the experts at Succurri today. Cloud networks save small business owners thousands of dollars annually by streamlining operations, organizing metadata, and giving business owners the tools to succeed. Small business email hosting operated by the cloud continues to benefit everyone, from small retail stores to multinational corporations.

Best Email Hosting Provider for Google Users 

If your business accepts Google Pay, uses Google Docs to draft memos, and frequently holds meetings on Google Meet, finding an email hosting provider that supports Google Apps proves essential. Thankfully, many email hosting providers support Gmail and provide countless features to improve email functionality. Google Workspace continues to set the bar for high-quality email hosting. 

Users of Google Workspace enjoy the following features: 

  • Work Insights
  • Vault data retention and safety measures
  • Cloud Search capabilities
  • Endpoint Management
  • Calendar, Google Chat, and file-sharing technologies 

Google Workspace also features email domain hosting, allowing business owners to create custom email addresses. For example, instead of replying to a customer question from “”, Google Workspace enables you to respond to all customer inquires from “” Consistent branding and professional email accounts signal to customers that your business remains trustworthy and reliable.


How We Can Help You Change Email Hosting Providers 

If you’ve already chosen an email hosting provider or are still using free email services, we can help. The team at Succurri works collaboratively with customers to find the best possible email hosting solution. Our team strives to exceed our customer’s expectations. 

Our experts help clients through the following steps of changing email hosting providers:

Buy a New Email Host 

We provide recommendations and advice for buying new email hosting services. Our team looks closely at the contract you maintain with your current email hosting provider and offers expert advice for selecting the best email host. 

Backup Websites to New Web Host 

Succurri wields years of experience providing disaster recovery, data backup, and recovery services. We store backup data on remote servers to reduce the risk of lost information and encrypt backup websites to protect against spam, malware, and cyberattacks.

Moving Database to New Host

All of the email hosting providers Succurri works with hold valid TLS certificates. We follow all the necessary steps to set up source accounts, backup data, and successfully move databases to new hosting providers. 

Final Rundown 

Our cloud migration strategies, database transfers, and email hosting updates include a thorough final inspection before executed. We confirm your business’s templates, monitoring programs, contacts, and archiving requests have successfully transferred to your new email hosting provider. 

Contact Us for All of Your Business Email Hosting Needs

Succurri proudly serves the Arizona community. To learn more about how to change email hosting providers, call Succurri to speak with our friendly staff today. 




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