What Is SD Wan Technology? A Complete Guide

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As a business owner, you may have encountered innovative SD-WAN technologies, but what is SD WAN technology exactly? Companies that compete in the global marketplace must consider the benefits of SD-WAN systems. SD-WAN enables business owners to expand business operations outside their current geographical locations. 

SD-WAN stands for software-defined vast area network. Groundbreaking SD-WAN technologies have reshaped how businesses reach customers, develop new customer relationships, and promote brands worldwide. Small and large businesses benefit from widely popular SD-WAN systems. 

Gaining an edge over the competition starts with leasing advanced WAN networks for your business.

How Does SD-WAN Work? 

Don’t worry if you still wonder, “what is SD-WAN, and how does it work?”

SD-WAN networks create global landscapes for communicating with clients, sharing information with employees, and developing marketing strategies. In a nutshell, these networks use automated software to manage data centers and cloud resources across the network. Administrators may write and deploy rules across the entire network remotely. 

An SD-WAN network allows employees from different countries to share information seamlessly over a secure network. The internet comprises the most popular and widely used WAN network globally.

LAN networks, or local area networks, only connect network systems physically near one another. For example, a LAN network only allows file sharing between a handful of computers in the same geographic location. SD-WANs enable instant communication, file sharing, screen sharing, and phone calls between computers on opposite sides of the planet. 

Reliable WAN networks connect users to applications, software, and data on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Outdated WAN networks fail to process and direct network traffic from branch offices to cloud-based storage systems. SD-WAN improves upon older WAN models by optimizing web traffic to and from cloud storage technologies. 

The following companies use cloud-based computing technologies: 

  • YouTube
  • Workday
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud 
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook 

SD-WAN will continue to gain popularity as more and more companies convert to cloud computing. Efficient SD-WAN networks improve branch office connectivity, optimize web traffic flow, and significantly improve the end-user experience. Speak to your local IT professionals to learn more about affordable SD-WAN architectures near you! 

What Are the Benefits of SD-WAN?

Implementing SD-WAN for small and large businesses boasts numerous benefits, such as the following:


Configuring controls, security measures, and application tools proves difficult without the help of advanced SD-WAN systems. SD-WANs have machine-learning capabilities that optimize applications and streamline network deployments for businesses. Individually connecting applications and network preferences prove time-consuming, error-prone, and unnecessary with the help of innovative SD-WAN systems. 

Better Application Experience 

A slow-loading webpage deters customers from exploring your business. If a webpage or application crashes, customers may begin to view your business as untrustworthy and unreliable. SD-WAN systems prevent applications from functioning poorly due to high-traffic volumes, storage management issues, or incompatibility with mobile devices. 

Improved application experiences result in happier customers and an improved reputation for your business. If your application begins receiving heavy traffic from India, for example, SD-WAN systems respond by efficiently directing the new flow of traffic across trusted IaaS and SaaS networks. Advanced analytics generated by SD-WANs help business owners create the best applications possible for clients.

Lowered Costs 

Reworking network configurations, thwarting waves of digital bandits, and recovering from application crashes cost tremendous time and energy. Leasing SD-WANs can save business owners hundreds and thousands of dollars annually.

IT professionals constantly updating applications and software on LANs may prevent business owners from using that capital for marketing efforts, brand awareness campaigns, bug fixes, application improvements, and much more. Managed IT services in Mesa, Arizona and its surrounding areas can help you save money and migrate to SD-WANs affordably and efficiently. 

More Security 

Basic firewalls fail to protect customers from stolen personal information and financial data. SD-WANs have high-grade security measures trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world, including Facebook, Amazon, and Google. Next-generation firewalls, VPN tunnels, and constant security monitoring systems keep users of SD-WANs safe from digital outlaws. 

In What Ways Does SD-WAN Support Network Security? 

SD-WANs prove essential for growing businesses. Limited network access, outdated LAN networks, and lacking legacy hardware stifle growth and reduce the reach of your business. Local networks remain prime targets for digital thieves and hackers, exposing enterprises to severe cybersecurity threats. 

SD-WANs include advanced security measures to keep users safe when browsing the web. Zero-trust modeling and PCI security tools paired with SD-WANs create safe environments for processing customer transactions, sharing sensitive business information, and communicating with employees

Automated security systems of SD-WANs can replace individual security points to create more robust, efficient networks. Business owners can scale SD-WAN security measures to meet their exact needs without disrupting the function of applications online. 

Additional ways SD-WANs support network security include the following:

Cloud Security 

Saving information on the cloud prevents valuable data from falling into the wrong hands. Outdated networks may not provide adequate security measures to protect cloud-based storage systems. SD-WANs have been designed specifically for cloud-based operations, safeguarding businesses from malware, Emotet, SQL injections, etc. 


Advanced encryption techniques bolster security measures on SD-WANs. IP-Security (IP-Sec) tools create secure networks for storing and processing customer information. Additional micro-segmentation tactics determine specific security threats likely to disrupt your business, allocating security resources to the most vulnerable areas of your business. 

Remote Location Security 

SD-WANs protect employees working at home, globally, or in the office. Innovative security measures built into SD-WANs can quickly identify and eliminate pressing security threats. 

Contact Us About SD-WAN Services Today 

Don’t fret if you still ask yourself, “what is SD-WAN?” The technologies, infrastructure, and security measures of advanced SD-WAN systems remain challenging to understand without the help of professionals. If you seek help understanding the importance of reliable networks, contact the Succurri professionals today. 

Succurri proudly serves the Mesa, Arizona area and its surroundings. We would be happy to explain the benefits of SD-WAN technology for your small or large business.

Call Succurri to learn more about SD-WANs and explore our wide range of IT management, cloud-based migration, and cybersecurity protection services! 



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