10 Essential Business Cybersecurity Tips

As a business owner, do you worry about keeping your data safe or your systems up and running? Did you realize that over half of small businesses that suffer from a cybersecurity attack go out of business within six months of the attack?

Seriously, it’s no joke.

Even enterprise level businesses can lose millions in cybersecurity breaches, and it may take years for them to restore their reputation.

But what are the most common cybersecurity threats to smaller businesses?

As cybersecurity networking professionals, Succurri recommends several tips to help my customers manage and mitigate threats to their IT infrastructure.

In this ebook, we’ll share the top ten most important steps to take in order to protect your business from cybersecurity attacks.

This is not a comprehensive resource for every business owner. Our goal is to highlight the importance of a complete cybersecurity solution with managed threat response, employee training, regular data backups, and VPN or ZTNA networks for businesses of all sizes.

No business is too small to need appropriate data protection. Succurri serves the greater Seattle area from Tacoma to Bellingham, WA and manages IT support, network management, provides cloud solutions, IT security, and phone systems for small, medium, and large businesses.

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