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Did you know that computer software and hardware can support architecture throughout the design, planning, and implementation stages? As a discipline, architecture has the power to create art-worthy and functional structures that last centuries. However, while the building might last for generations, modern architects cannot settle for the outdated tools of the last decade.

You don’t have to face the modern world alone! Succurri offers its ongoing support as a team known for ingenuity, commitment, and service. Growth is still possible for established industries like architecture with reliable IT services, even in a landscape of relentless technological change and strained economies.

How We Use a “Problem First, Technology Second” Process to Solve Your IT Struggles

If the only tool you have is a hammer, all your problems start to look like nails. Many IT companies start by promoting services or software while shamelessly trying to shoehorn every client into identical packages. Succurri believes in a different approach. Our focus is to support architects and other professionals by showcasing custom IT support that meets the specific needs of each individual or firm. Some of the support variations include the following areas:

  • The scale of your projects
  • The nature of your clients
  • The firm’s security needs
  • Multimedia and presentation preferences
  • Computer-aided drafting techniques
  • Printing services and blueprint design requirements
  • Your preferred way of communicating with clients
  • Accounting or revenue management needs
  • Marketing and branding and more

Whether you visit, call the office, or chat with our experienced professionals online, the Succurri team will always take the time to discuss your needs in detail. Do you have a small firm with big ambitions? Tell us about your projects, your approach, and what you want to achieve in the future. Once we have a clear grasp of your work and goals, we can look at information technology architecture that’s tailor-made for your operation.

This innovative industry needs more players willing to support architecture professionals in what and how they like to do things. Our support team welcomes your ideas and questions, encouraging you to be active and inquisitive in developing and deploying IT solutions that support your unique vision. Our flexibility and customer service focus are the top reasons that so many of the most creative, prolific, and successful architects trust us. Call us at 480-795-2181 to learn more, whether you want IT services for architects or support in data management, security, client relations management, and more.

IT Problems Facing the Architecture Industry

Across the niche, architects and their firms differ widely in terms of their preferences for computers, the internet, software, cloud computing, presentation styles, and other elements information technology brings to the table.

The traditionalists typically prefer to spend time at a workbench with a pencil and straightedge in hand. However, increased reliance on IT within the industry continues to gain traction. Other business technology architects embrace include 3D printing and other cutting-edge computer-aided drafting and design tools, teleconferencing software, and multimedia tools.

Understandably, switching to digital resources often poses challenging questions for architects who want to adapt but aren’t sure where to begin, such as:

  • How can I keep my blueprints and designs safe from intellectual property theft?
  • How can I deliver the full experience of a design in a video conference, 3D model, or artist’s rendering?
  • Can computers save me time and effort by automating some aspects of the process?

While it is true that espionage, property theft, and ransomware attacks are growing threats in all industries that monetize innovative ideas and designs, there are viable solutions. Architects who retain their rights to their work under the terms of standard industry contracts should carefully consider the reality. There’s a real risk of ideas being stolen and disseminated without the right resources or technological expertise to safeguard the material.

Could you deliver a pitch in a different format to bring an idea to life for a potential client? Does your preferred communication system offer flexibility for a client that is halfway around the world and unwilling to meet in person due to health concerns? In this new world where global pandemics and changing work habits have transformed the way we communicate, architects have to adapt in the same way as so many other industry professionals.

An IT Company that Understands the Unique Demands of the Architecture Industry

The field of architecture stands at a crossroads as the world changes. Today’s businesses and governments face vastly different pressures than in the past, which is why the need to innovate is driving the development of new types of architecture and new architectural priorities.

Thankfully, modern architects also have new tools at their disposal. Agile freelance architects and architecture firms hold a unique position that allows them to capitalize on new trends, but only if they move fast enough. At Succurri, our IT industry experts will support architecture professionals as they develop structures that will:

  • Stand up to climate change
  • Facilitate access and inclusion to people with disabilities
  • Prioritize sustainable materials
  • Accommodate post-COVID changes to work and social activities

New architectural solutions will now include ways to protect intellectual property and enjoy the full communicative power of the internet. Why miss out on bold new ideas by relying on labor-intensive business practices from the past? If the business side of the architectural firm is detracting from the time you need to create and design, Succurri can help so that you can move on to more ambitious projects.

Advanced IT Services for the Architecture Industry

Succurri takes pride in our efforts to service architects with practical guidance at reasonable prices. Architects are changing the face of the modern world, whether they work with a larger firm or solo. Boost your productivity with an experienced service provider that offers the IT solutions and customer service that can help you succeed. If you aren’t leveraging the tools available to this increasingly tech-dependent profession, you could be missing out.

Call Succurri or connect with us online for more information about how IT solutions support architecture professionals in their endeavors.

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We realized that our business needed more from our technology than we were getting. It seemed like things were always needing fixing or breaking at just the wrong times. We thought we were saving money by having one of our employees support our IT. When we looked at how we were pulling him away from his core responsibilities, how often we were down because of an issue and the knowledge we just didn't have in house, we were actually spending enough money to afford a professional IT partner - Succurri IT. They provided us with a technology assessment and visited our office before coming up with a plan for us. They helped us get our IT department in order and modernized. We are in a different place and extremely happy with the predictability we now have.

Susan L.