Is Your Business Ready for a Better Managed IT Service Provider?

It is important to know whether you view your IT as a strategic asset or a painful expense.

Why Is Business IT Management Maturity Important?

Believe it or not, there are businesses out there who are NOT ready to hire a managed IT service provider – even though they WANT help and are WILLING to pay for it.

When you think of the use of technology in your business, do you view it as a painful expense on your P&L OR a strategic asset that needs managing?

IT Management Maturity refers to the level of development and effectiveness of an organization’s IT management practices. It is a measure of how well an organization is able to use information technology to achieve its business objectives and goals.

There are various models for measuring IT Management Maturity, but one of the most widely used is the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), which was developed by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. CMMI is a framework that helps organizations improve their processes and practices for software development and project management.


The CMMI Model

Technically, the CMMI model is divided into five levels of maturity, which are:


Organizations at this level have no defined IT management processes, and their work is ad-hoc and unstructured.


Organizations at this level have defined their IT management processes and are able to repeat them consistently.


Organizations at this level have documented their IT management processes, and they are standardized across the organization.

Quantitatively Managed

Organizations at this level have established a data-driven approach to IT management, and they use metrics to measure the effectiveness of their processes.


Organizations at this level continuously improve their IT management practices by using data and feedback to identify areas for improvement.
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Our IT Management Maturity Model

Over the last few decades, we’ve reduced the business IT maturity management model to three levels.


We tend to call for help after things break, but do our best to keep things running ourselves

The Hybrid

We understand what our technology options are and are particular about the investments we make very carefully


We use technology as a strategic advantage for our business to make us more efficient, effective, and profitable
Think about which level you currently operate under and why. It’ll help us get in alignment on how to manage your technology much faster. Achieving a higher level of IT Management Maturity can provide many benefits for an organization, including increased efficiency, improved quality, and reduced risk. It can also help organizations better align their IT operations with their business goals and objectives.

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