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Managed Service IT Model

Outsourced IT Helpdesk Support from Succurri

All IT Service Companies will need the Managed Services business model to survive in the  IT world.

However, many will not be able  to achieve this goal due to the up-front costs for best of class systems and the investment of employee time and money necessary to build out the process and procedures. 

This is where Succurri can provide the solution

The Succurri Unified Management System provides you with the tools to implement one of the most efficient client management systems available today.

We have found with the Unified Management System our clients have been able to:

  1. Increase their technician’s efficiency by up to 150%. For example, we have found that a Tier 2 technician was able to raise the number of devises he was supporting from approximately 100 up to approximately 250 devise once the Unified Management System was put in place. For this client, they were able to grow approximately $12,000 more of managed service revenues per month per technician without having to hire additional technicians.

  2. Increase their level of monthly revenues by taking advantage of integrated  lines of business such as online backup, disaster recover,  and antimalware.Unified Management makes it easy to capture, support and maintain these integrated lines. For example one client was able to increase their monthly revenue by approximately $6,000 once the Unified Management System was put in place. 

  3. Increase revenues and margins on new hardware and software sales. Succurri has established relationships with some of the industry’s best and largest reseller channels and channel partners. Unified Management provides our clients access to these relationships and to pricing that is significantly below retail. 

  4. Increase revenues from the Equipment Refresh Cycle .The Unified Management System provides the ability to automatically track the age of the equipment and notify the Unified Management client when the equipment should be replaced. Clients have found this to be a significant source of increased monthly revenue.  

  5. Increase revenues from project sales. Unified Management provides our clients with the tools to manage projects to a successful and profitable conclusion.  We have found that once the Unified Management System was put in place, a client was able grow project revenues to approximately 25% of their managed services offering.  

Let Succurri show you that the Unified Management System is the Solution to your Success.

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