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Ever feel overwhelmed by communication coming at you from all angles? Today’s digital dispersion of communication methods rivals the legend of the Towel of Babel’s scattering of languages.

In the business world, colleagues speak to each other via telephone, video conferencing, voice mail systems, instant messaging, email, social media, and fax.

These different real time communication avenues can cause confusion and miscommunication unless merged through unified communications (UC) solutions.

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Here are the services we offer within the broader category of IT.

IT Support

Comprehensive and quick support for all your information technology needs, enabling smooth operations and speedy issue resolution.


Professional administration of your network infrastructure and business process automation. This ensures maximizing efficiency, assuring dependability, and improving the connection to business success.

Cloud Solutions

Software solutions for data storage, collaboration, and scalability that are specifically designed for cloud services, offer flexibility and accessibility from anywhere.

IT Security

Strong defense against online dangers, including data encryption, firewall configuration, antivirus software, and proactive monitoring.

Phone Systems

Communication solutions that are dependable and effective, such as VoIP systems, unified communication platforms, and seamless integration with your company’s processes.

Paul D.


When we needed to make the move to go remote and still have a secure network and phones, Succurri stepped in and now they even help us with our annual budget planning so we’re not caught off guard with surprise breakdowns – they provide amazing proactive IT support.

Paul D.


When we needed to make the move to go remote and still have a secure network and phones, Succurri stepped in and now they even help us with our annual budget planning so we’re not caught off gaurd with suprise breakdowns – they provide amazing proactive IT support.

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Succurri highlights the top 10 benefits of managed IT services for businesses.
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Unified Communications: An Overview

You may be wondering, “What are unified communications?” First, you can think of it as a translator. Suppose you receive a voicemail and want to access the message through your email instead. UC systems translate and transpose the data for access across a wide variety of media.

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Succurri's Unified Communications Services

Objectives: Improve Business Processes

Unified communications systems improve business communications and business processes, and simplify the user experience through enhanced collaboration tools. Business communication optimization leads to shorter meetings and higher productivity levels.

How It Works

Unified coms solutions comprise:

  • A cloud-based IP-PBX.

unified communication solutions
unified communications and collaboration

Phone System Collaboration Tools

Unified communications integrate your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) microphones, cameras, audio conferencing, and phone systems for enhanced team collaboration and customer relationship management.

Video Conferencing Collaboration Tools

Unified Communications integrates a multipoint control unit for video conferencing on multiple devices and web conferencing features.

Instant Messaging Collaboration Tools

  • An interface that combines communication channels.

  • Instant messaging and voice applications.

  • Team messaging platforms

  • Social network tools.

  • Real-time communication

All these unified communications technologies combine on one platform to assist the digital workforce.

A Unified Communications Solution to the Digital Workforce

UC solutions bring flexibility to the workforce by allowing workers to collaborate as a team without physically working together. UC expands the office to anywhere with internet access, enabling the workforce to interface via text message, file sharing, voice memo, or video conferencing.

Businesses that utilize unified coms as a service benefit from even greater flexibility and scalability since

they do not have to host and operate UC independently on their servers.

unified communications as a service
what is unified communications

Communication vs. Collaboration

Unified communications and collaboration go hand in hand because project collaboration cannot occur without clear communication services. For example, it would be impossible for team members to understand each other’s goals while dual-editing a project if they couldn’t first video call each other to talk strategy.

What Are the 3 Main Components of Unified Communications Solutions?

A UC system has three main components:

1. Presence

Have you ever set up a “Do Not Disturb” automatic message when vacating the office? Presence indicates if you are online or unable to receive communications.

2. User interface

Web-based user interfaces allow you to record your voicemail message, listen to your voicemail, and edit your phone settings — all from a web browser.

3. Integration with voice capabilities

You can quickly make a phone call by utilizing a click-to-conference or click-to-call button on any device.

unified communications solutions
unified communications solutions

Key Benefits of Unified Communications Platforms

Instead of investing in different communication tools and platforms, businesses turn to UC as their optimal solution for a multigenerational workforce that needs to collaborate efficiently.

Increased Productivity

One of the main benefits of unified coms is an increase in productivity. Onboarding new employees with numerous communication systems is taxing and time-consuming. Training employees in UC takes less time and thus generates productive employees more quickly.

Reduced Costs

By enhancing remote and virtual collaboration, unified communications systems nullify the need for business travel. Meetings occur over cloud technology instead of in a packed conference room, and businesses profit from the switch.

Better Performance

Businesses must continue to grow and innovate to stay relevant and lucrative. unified communications solutions improve preexisting communication issues, increase organizational agility, streamline IT applications, reduce the likelihood of security risks, and look to the future, using AI in meeting transcriptions and scheduling.

unified communications as a service
unified communications solution

Quality User Experience

Quality communication services and collaborative teamwork lead to fewer unresolved questions and issues throughout the workday.

Fewer miscommunication issues result in lower stress levels for your employees and a better overall experience for your customers.

For example, a unified communications system gives your employees the best chance to quickly locate files on the cloud and share them with your customers, negating the dreaded on-hold music and callback scheduling.

Features of a UC System

UC services remove the need for multiple passwords on several business apps. A unified coms system aims for convenience, making conferencing with your team simply a click away.

Advanced Notifications

Other features of a unified coms system include advanced notifications. For example, if a staff member dials 911, the system sends notifications to essential personnel, keeping them abreast of the situation.

Conferencing: Phone Calls & Video Conferencing

Instead of opening a web app for online messaging, using a desk phone for conversations, and utilizing video calls for meetings, video conferencing services on one platform are possible with united communications.

You can easily escalate an online messaging conversation into a video chat without wasting time signing in to a different application.

unified communications services

Team Collaboration & File Sharing

Have you ever virtually edited a document in real-time with your peers?

This level of collaboration is only achievable through solid communication — the kind available through UC systems.

Fax Support

With UC systems, there are no fax amount or fax size limits. You also gain customizable fax cover sheets, fax via email, and the ability to track your fax status in real time.


With work-from-home jobs steadily rising, the remote workforce relies on unified communications features to complete their work successfully while managers utilize UC’s monitoring capabilities to ensure timesheet accuracy.


With a UC system’s presence feature, co-workers can know when to expect a reply by noting if you are online or reading your away message.

unified communications and collaboration
web user interface

Unified Communications: Messaging

With unified communications systems, voice messages and emails combine in one mailbox for easy access.

Web-Based User Interface

Unified communications solutions also allow you to interact with software that runs on a remote server using a web browser.

Unified communications service provider

If you are looking for cloud-based UC services for enhanced business process integration and communication tools – join the digital transformation! Allow us to help you with unified communications uc solutions for your business.

Succurri will provide you with the best service of unified communications. Contact us today.

unified communications services

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