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Today, nearly everyone has a mobile device on their person—often more than one. From a business’s perspective, this fact may not seem too relevant or exciting. However, mobile devices in the workplace can provide significant benefits and consequential downsides for an employer.

Most businesses employ a bring-your-own-device policy, allowing employees to carry their mobile devices and use them for business purposes. Here at Succurri, we can optimize your business’s phone usage and keep it safe from intrusion via mobile devices in the workplace. With our mobile device management platform, your employees can be more productive and secure.


Mobile Device Management – Your Business on the Move

Mobile device management (MDM) is a way to improve a workforce’s productivity via their mobile devices. The main goal of mobile device management is to provide tools, applications, and training to increase the efficiency and security of mobile devices in the workplace.

With the explosion of remote work, properly utilizing employees’ mobile devices has become more critical than ever. While this goal may sound simple, implementing a mobile device management system can be challenging, even for an experienced business. 

With our skills, experience, and business acumen, Succurri can set your business up for long-term success with a mobile device management solution.


Why Mobile Device Management Is Important?

At the ever-changing intersection of business and technology, staying at the forefront is essential to succeed. MDM is one of a business’s best methods to keep its edge.

Mobile device management software gives your employees the tools they need to stay productive while safeguarding your company, no matter where your employees may be. Like most items we use at work, phones and tablets should operate as powerful ways to increase efficiency.

Because mobile devices are less secure and more prone to being lost than those in an office environment, mobile device management emphasizes security. For a business, losing data can cause a host of serious issues. Lost data on mobile devices would be a big hit to any business’s productivity.

With Succurri, all employees can use their mobile devices in the most efficient and secure manner possible.


How Mobile Device Management Works

Many believe that mobile device management is simply using software. While this idea is true to a degree, mobile device management is much more comprehensive than a single piece of software. 

MDM sets up a software system to protect data and implement processes to get the most out of a work’s mobile systems, be they laptops, tablets, or smartphones. While mobile security and unified endpoint management are user-centric, mobile device management for Office 365 and other applications uses a device-centric approach.

On any enrolled devices—either ones owned by the business or on personal devices like Apple mobile device management—we set up safeguards to determine who gets access to what systems. MDM can ensure just as much control over a mobile device as if the device was office-issued.

At Succurri, our mobile device management systems maximize company control over its business processes. This control extends to devices both in and out of the office.


Components of Mobile Device Management

Many factors play into the high-quality mobile device management system we utilize at Succurri.

Here are the five main components we use to ensure the best mobile device management for Office 365 and other applications.


Identity and Access Management

The first step in ensuring security is only allowing approved individuals to access company data. With Identity and Access Management (IAM), Succurri achieves this goal by implementing systems like multi-factor authentication and role-based access.


Application Security Systems

Application security typically involves implementing security features for specific apps. This process, known as “app wrapping,” redeploys the application as a containerized program.

Succurri uses application security to determine who can access what information in an app. We can also restrict the application’s use to only certain employees. 


Device Tracking

GPS tracking is essential to recovering or wiping the data of a device. This system also allows for remote troubleshooting, updating, and monitoring of tracked equipment.


Mobile Management

Mobile management keeps every device up-to-date and able to run what the company needs. This component includes the installation of apps for a variety of helpful systems.


Endpoint Security

Endpoint security provides a comprehensive security system that encompasses all eligible devices. This system includes implementing antivirus software, URL filtering, and cloud security.


Mobile Device Management Best Practices

Mobile device management software can be integral to a business’s success, but only when utilized properly. Implementation and finding the right software for your needs are crucial.

Here are some best practices to look for when selecting an MDM service:


Automatic Updates

A cloud-based Office 365 mobile device management will reduce the overhead of hardware. It will also be able to update without user input.


Automated Reports

Automated reports provide easy-to-access and consistent updates on business productivity.


Easy Search

With a cloud-based MDM service, you should have access to comprehensive search functionality. With this feature, you can easily find whatever you need on any device or in the cloud.


Mobile Device Management by the Pros

A successful business that isn’t implementing mobile device management software is operating at a massive disadvantage. With the ever-expanding advent of mobile devices such as tablets and remote work, mobile device management is more critical than ever. 

Because of MDM, smaller businesses can operate at the same level of networking as large corporations without spending nearly as much money. Here at Succurri, we want to provide these tools to help your business grow faster and stronger than ever. 

Professionals around the world are finding the best ways to implement mobile device management into their work processes. Keeping your systems secure and running more efficiently than they could without MDM is a clear boon for any business.

Let Succurri implement the best mobile device management to give your business a head start.

Support for Any Mobile Computing Platform

Built with the intent to cast as wide a net as possible, mobile device management systems work with a variety of hardware and software. No device must go without it. We at Succuri understand the need for versatile mobile device management, and we consider this factor in our services.

As devices become progressively more capable, so too can our management software. Here at Succurri, we know how to best tap into this increasing power for your business. 

Here are some essential factors in creating a mobile device management system that considers a wide variety of operating systems and hardware:

  • Mobile Asset Inventory
  • Mobile Device Provisioning
  • Mobile Software Distribution
  • Mobile Data Protection
  • Help Desk Support

Contact Succurri for All of Your MDM Needs

Mobile device management is now pivotal to the success of a small or medium-sized business. For this reason, you need a provider who understands your business’s needs and can work alongside you.

Succurri is that provider and partner. With Succurri, you know you are working with some of the best talents in the business. With our experience and skill, you can rest assured you have the best service to help your business grow with technology. 

Get started on your mobile device management today by calling Succurri. Our expert team serves the Mesa, Arizona area and its surroundings.




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