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Network security research reveals that out of over 30 million small to mid-sized commercial operators in the United States, over 66% had a cyber security attack that impacted their profits from 2018 to 2020, which resulted in an average of $2.5 million in lost business per company. At Succurri, our network technicians and data privacy experts take providing IT security services seriously. We know that all i takes is one case of website malfunction or private data leakage to take independent business owners off the market.

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Our Core Service Areas

Here are the services we offer within the broader category of IT.

IT Support

Comprehensive and quick support for all your information technology needs, enabling smooth operations and speedy issue resolution.


Professional administration of your network infrastructure and business process automation. This ensures maximizing efficiency, assuring dependability, and improving the connection to business success.

Cloud Solutions

Software solutions for data storage, collaboration, and scalability that are specifically designed for cloud services, offer flexibility and accessibility from anywhere.

IT Security

Strong defense against online dangers, including data encryption, firewall configuration, antivirus software, and proactive monitoring.

Phone Systems

Communication solutions that are dependable and effective, such as VoIP systems, unified communication platforms, and seamless integration with your company’s processes.



Succurri shares 10 tips that can help you keep your business safe from online threats.
IT Security Services

IT Security: An Overview

Our IT Solutions protect your business’s information from unauthorized persons who pose a security risk.

Objectives of IT Security

The main objectives of information technology security include:

Are your networks, computer systems, and customer data secure from cyberattacks and the potentially damaging aftermath of losing your customers’ trust? When your customers type in their personal information and credit card number to make a transaction, they trust your IT Security measures to protect their data from hackers.

With Succurri’s IT Solutions, you do not need to worry about the possibility of cybercriminals hijacking your business data and destroying your brand reputation.


Areas that Include IT Security

Information Technology Security breaks down into different defensible sectors, including:

Threats to Information Technology Security

When you think of threats to Information Technology Security, you might picture a hacker in a mask illuminated by the blue light of multiple surrounding computer screens. But what tools are these anonymous hackers using to get at your data? Threats include:

IT Security Vs. Cybersecurity Vs. Network Security

IT Security is an umbrella term for shielding all forms of your organization’s physical or electronic data from misuse. IT Cybersecurity focuses solely on protecting your electronic data from online threats. Network Security specializes in stopping unauthorized users from overtaking your networking infrastructure.

Cyber Attack Methods

Your infrastructure could be the victim of cyber attacks by data thieves. Understanding the different types of cyber attack methods can help you determine if investing in Information Technology Security is a suitable defense tactic for your business.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Hackers who spend time and resources infiltrating your computer system, spying on your processes, and then hijacking your networks to spread malware are considered APTs. Once they succeed in overtaking your network, you rarely can regain control and instead have to forfeit your system.


Malware includes worms and viruses that are seemingly unstoppable as they corrupt your system with non-closeable ads and pop-ups.


Phishing is when hackers send fake but professional-looking emails, hoping that you will take the bait and enter your confidential information. Once they gain access to your data, they can drain your funds or manipulate your networks.

DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service attacks occur when bots flood a site with requests, effectively paralyzing the server.

Protecting Your Network from Cyber Attacks

You can protect your network from cyber attacks by:

Our IT Solutions & Security Services

An IT specialist from Succurri can assist you in choosing which of our Information Technology Security Services is suitable for your business needs.

Information security encompasses the tools and strategies that detect, document, and ward off threats to your physical and electronic data. The principles of information security are the same as the main objectives of IT Security: confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.
A corporate disaster recovery system backs up and revives your infrastructure and systems from business disruptions such as cyber-attacks or natural disasters.
Network security helps your business run smoothly by offering:
Content filtering uses a program to screen for objectionable content and deny users access to the web pages. Firewalls block out specific keywords or images, so you are only able to view work-related content. For example, you will commonly see an access denied message when trying to access social media sites in the workplace.

The virtual clutter of spam is an irritant and potential security risk. Spam emails can contain viral malware. Installing anti-spam software can permanently remove spam from your inbox without you having to click the block and delete button.

Anti-spam software saves you time and, subsequently, money in the long run.

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) created the DoD Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement requirement to protect our military secrets from foreign adversaries.

If your business handles DoD contracts, you must comply with their information security techniques. Succurri can help you make sure that your business is fulfilling these standards.

HIPPA Compliance is an IT Security policy which states that your medical information, treatment plan, and payment methods are confidential between you, your medical provider, and other parties you approve. If your business is in the healthcare sector, you understand the importance of adhering to HIPPA and require robust IT systems to ensure your patients’ privacy.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ensures safe transfers of financial information. Businesses that accept credit card transactions follow this set of security protocols to keep customer and vendor information secure.

Succurri can assist you with making sure that your business is PCI DSS compliant.

Step up to A Whole New Level: Protect Your Business Inside and Out

Succurri provides a wide range of IT Security solutions for companies of all sizes. We are proud to be a family-owned business that wants to make technology easily accessible and understandable for our clients and the global community at large. We offer friendly and reliable IT Services at cost-effective prices.

Your customers should feel safe when entering their data on your webpage. Protect your customers and your business’s future success by investing in IT solutions. Give us a call to review your options today.

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