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Comprehensive IT Security Audits From Succurri

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A comprehensive IT security audit will bolster network security. More businesses and organizations are fully transitioning to digital operations, which makes knowing and managing risks and weaknesses crucial. Enlisting the help of Succurri can alleviate stress.

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IT Security Audit

Your IT systems are responsible for hosting crucial and sensitive data. From storing your IP addresses, financial records, employee login codes, software, documents, and more, your IT systems have a considerable burden. By utilizing our services, you can lessen the burdens on your IT systems and teams.

Having strict security compliance is just the first step. The second step is ensuring these guidelines are enforced. An IT security audit will provide a detailed analysis of your business or organization’s current security measures. Our IT security assessment will analyze:

    • Your on-site and/or cloud infrastructures
    • All your software and applications
    • User roles and credentials
    • Your operating system’s access controls


Our IT Security Audit Services

Our audit starts with an IT vulnerability assessment. Once we identify potential vulnerabilities, our team assigns different security levels. Areas we specialize in include:

  • Email: Threats can come from anywhere, and this includes emails. Phishing attacks are common in smaller businesses and can occur when an employee clicks on a bad email link. Our team can implement spam filters, filter web content, bolster link and attachment scanning, and manage your software for protection.
  • Credentials: Weak passwords can give hackers access to your networks’ sensitive information. We can administer protocols and procedures to protect all your vital information, including two-step authentication on all your accounts.
  • Theft protection: Our team will implement strategies should your devices fall into the wrong hands.
  • Shadow IT: Businesses like to use different collaboration tools for communication and management. In doing so, shadow IT is created. With the right procedures and guidelines in place, you can counter this issue.


Importance of an Information Technology Security Assessment

Many businesses have security measures in place. However, without a security audit, they don’t know how strong their systems are. Even the smallest oversight can allow hackers or malicious users to gain access to sensitive data or information. Common security problems businesses face are:

  • Code injection attacks like XSS or SQ.
  • Privilege escalation – when a malicious user exploits bugs, a configuration mistake, or a design flaw to gain access to sensitive information in a software application or operating system.
  • Insecure defaults – applications that have weak settings like an easily guessable password.


How We Can Help with Your IT Security Audit Problems

At Succurri, we will fortify your security systems by administering a thorough IT vulnerability assessment. Our process contains four crucial steps:

  1. Identifying vulnerabilities: Our expert team will start by supplying your business or organization with a comprehensive list of vulnerabilities. We will use automated and manual tools to identify vulnerabilities.
  2. Locating the source: After identifying security weaknesses, our next goal is to pinpoint their origins. We will scan system parts to find each vulnerability’s root cause.
  3. Risk assessment: Using a risk assessment, we will assign a score to each security risk.
  4. Risk management: Our risk management or remediation process can rectify any security risks. We prioritize working directly with the business and its cybersecurity, IT, and operating teams.

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