What is LIFI & How It Could Affect Your Business?

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What is LIFI & How It Could Affect Your Business?

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What is LiFi?

LiFi (Light Fidelity) is a game changing light-based communication technology that uses light waves instead of radio technology to deliver data. LiFi is a high speed, fully networked wireless communication technology that is 100 times faster than WiFi.


How It Works:

Using light to transmit data is nothing new; we see it in fiber-optic cables and point-to-point links, but LiFi offers a special combinations of technologies that allow it to be used for ultra-high speed internet communications using normal light frequencies across the 440 to 770 terahertz (THz) spectrum. This technology can also be used in non-visible frequencies like infrared, X-ray and ultra-violet frequencies which gives an endless amount of opportunities for Li-Fi to be used and adopted very quickly.


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Facts about this new technology:

  1. LiFi uses visible light vs. Wi-Fi using radio waves. This means no bulky cell towers; thus eliminating the downfalls with limited range of radio waves.
  2. LiFi is already used in some smartphone cameras. Apple has used this technology in versions of the iphone, iOS9.1 and up.
  3. LiFi is Hack Proof. Since light cannot penetrate through walls, it is difficult to steal personal data. So this is a more secure alternative to Wi-Fi as the available data is confined to a room.
  4. LiFi can be used where WiFi cannot. This technology can be used from in- flight internet access to hospital setting and elsewhere without adverse effects.


How could LiFi affect your business?

Aside from providing improved internet connectivity and speed, some other benefits promised from this advancement include:


  • Reduced Network Congestion
  • Energy Efficiency
  • High Speed
  • Increase in Security
  • Cost Efficient


So will we have a world where every light could connect you to the internet? LiFi is currently on track to become a 78 Billion Industry by 2022, so it seems that this super-fast LiFi will be commercially available very soon.


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