Your WiFi Network Is Not As Secure As You Think. Here’s How To Protect Yourself:


KRACK kills…your WiFi security. WPA2 has been the standard for securing Wi-Fi access points- especially for businesses. However, a newly discovered flaw, has emerged; allowing cybercriminals to reuse the encryption keys initially generated when a device and router connect…in turn allowing data interception from these devices.

This data includes credit card numbers, passwords, and any other information you may input online. Some networks could even allow data to be introduced from the outside, such as a website being infected with ransomware. The Wi-Fi data stream, including passwords and personal data, can be intercepted, decrypted, and modified WITHOUT a user’s knowledge. The KRACK WiFi Vulnerability is not something to mess around with.


  1. Attackers can’t attack you from miles away. They must be within your WiFi range.
  2. Attackers can only interpret some of the traffic between your device and your router.


  1. Update all you’re your WiFi connected devices and your router.
    1. Your phone, laptop, tablet and router can all be updated with patches that will protect your data from being stolen.
  2. Use a good old fashioned Ethernet cord.
    1. This vulnerability can’t be used on a cord.
  3. Consider using cell phone data instead of free WiFi.
    1. While we don’t want anyone to go over their data limit, it may be worth the effort to protect yourself.


The most straightforward answer is, if you are paying someone to monitor and maintain your entire network, they should be checking all devices to make sure they are patched to prevent this vulnerability. But if you do not have a full time IT professional as your advocate, chances are likely this vulnerability exists.

Our team of cybersecurity experts are here to protect your business from attacks and answer any questions you have regarding your business’ security and data protection.


Want to learn more about what a Managed Security Services Provider is? Listen to Succurri partner, Grant Eckstrom, and Fractional CMO, Tony Lael, discuss the topic in more depth in this video.


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