IT Support for Architects

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From the industries we work with, the architecture industry is undergoing a period of extreme technology fluctuation and change. New tech systems are being developed every day and old practices are quickly losing their effectiveness.


Improve team collaboration, productivity, and overall project success

IT strategies, solutions, and support for challenges architects encounter
Succurri-managed IT services help our architect clients improve team collaboration and productivity to achieve more consistent success with their projects.

Data Management & Collaboration:

Engineering projects generate vast amounts of data, including CAD drawings, 3D models, specifications, and project documentation. Managing and sharing this data efficiently can be a challenge, especially when teams are dispersed across different locations.
Implement a robust data management system, such as a document management or Product Data Management (PDM) system, to centralize and secure project-related data. Utilize cloud-based collaboration platforms that allow real-time access to project files, promote version control, and enable remote collaboration. Ensure proper access controls and data backup procedures to protect against data loss.

Software & Hardware Integration:

Engineering firms often use a variety of specialized software tools for design, analysis, and project management. Ensuring these tools work seamlessly together and with the necessary hardware can be a challenge.
Invest in integrated software suites or platforms designed for engineering workflows, which can streamline data transfer and reduce compatibility issues. Regularly update and maintain software and hardware to ensure they are compatible and meet system requirements. Utilize virtualization or cloud-based services to provide scalability and flexibility in resource allocation.

Cybersecurity & Intellectual Property Protection:

Engineering firms handle proprietary designs and intellectual property that must be protected from cyber threats and unauthorized access. The loss or theft of such data could be detrimental to the company.
Implement a robust cybersecurity framework that includes firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption to protect sensitive data. Conduct regular cybersecurity training for employees to promote security awareness. Utilize data loss prevention tools to monitor and control the movement of sensitive data. Establish clear policies and procedures for data protection and access control.
Engineering firms also deal with issues like resource allocation, staying current with technology trends, and complying with industry-specific regulations. Solutions often involve a combination of adopting the right software tools, implementing best practices, and staying informed about the latest technological developments in the field.
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10 Benefits of managed IT services


Succurri highlights the top 10 benefits of managed IT services for businesses.

IT Support Company for Architecture Firms

How We Use A “Problem First, Technology Second” Process To Solve Your IT Struggles

All of this change is intimidating for some architecture companies, who end up avoiding their IT problems instead of facing them head on. Other businesses try to adapt to newer systems but find out only too late that they lack the in-house IT talent to complete the transition.

Whichever way your architecture firm has responded to the current tech situation, one thing is for sure — your team is having IT problems.

Here at Succurri, we are committed to providing architecture companies with permanent solutions to their IT demands. Our client-retention rate is one of the highest in the industry and this is due to the effectiveness of our troubleshooting desk support, and IT management process.
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Technology Support For Architects

What this means is that we will never make tech recommendations right out of the gate. First, we will get to know your business and what your problem is. Then, only after we can be sure that technology will solve your issue, we will make tech suggestions.

You may think that this is obvious, but the unfortunate reality is that many IT firms don’t follow this practice. For example, a common habit is for an IT provider to come in and throw technology at a problem until it goes away.

IT Services that Focus On IT Support Needs

To prevent this from happening, our team never makes technology recommendations until we understand exactly what a client’s problem is. This ensures that our managed IT services and solutions resolve your problem immediately.

IT Problems Facing Architecture and Engineering Firms

At Succurri, our skilled IT technicians and engineers have been serving architecture and engineering firms for decades. Our experience, training, and quick thinking help us come up with strategic solutions, and support services to your IT problems — when we fix something, it stays fixed.
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IT Services Company For Architecture Firms

Some of the most common problems we help architecture and construction companies resolve include:
Whether you want to arm your business with tech standardization and controls, need help managing your vendors, or simply want to boost your cloud services and infrastructure’s speed — our team can help.

An IT Company That Understands The Unique Demands Of The Architecture Industry

To give you an example of how we put our architecture experience expertise and “problem first, technology second” process to work, let’s take a closer look at some of the struggles listed in the previous section.

Intellectual Property Management & Disaster Recovery

Some of the most common problems we encounter are those that stem from intellectual property management. These problems deal with the following:
Catching a data theft
Architect meeting

Industry-Specific Software & Hosted Hardware Solutions

As an architecture firm or design community, your blueprints, plans, and designs are your intellectual property. If these files were to be lost or stolen, then you could potentially lose thousands of dollars. Our industry-specific software solutions for architects ensure the success of your projects and the protection of your firm.

Succurri helps architecture companies the same as they do construction firms prevent data loss by following our commitment to, FIRST: fluently understanding the specific security needs of a company, and SECOND: strategizing and then suggesting the solutions for architects that are tailored to meet the unique security needs of the situation.

Using this process, we have helped numerous companies protect their sensitive data. Our security IT systems increase profitability and foster trust between a company’s leadership and its employees.

Unified Business Communications Tools

Conference calls are a constant presence in the lives of most architects. These can become pretty troublesome when you have to juggle multiple applications in order to share video, audio, screens, etc., during calls.

The result is our Cloud Office Pro Elevate system (COPE)

COPE combines every communication function your office could need into a single application and interface. Our system includes:
COPE is a state-of-the-art answer to the industry’s desire for better-unified communication services. Our system not only increases productivity and drives collaboration, it also lowers company overhead, is easily scalable, and is always dependable.
Buildings during night time

Advanced IT Solutions For The Architecture Industry

The team here at Succurri understands the special demands of the architecture industry and we provided IT solutions accordingly.

Whether you are hoping to speed up your server, reduce spam, or would simply like to have an on-call IT consultant, Succurri is the IT support firm for you.

Technology integrations

We integrate with your technology

Here are the things that we do within the broader category of IT support.


SketchUp’s intuitive interface helps you communicate ideas in 3D fast.


We integrate with AutoDesk to help make your design work seamless.


Accelerate project lifecycles and simplify project closures with Bluebeam.


Create & manage your innovative ideas into great product designs with SolidWorks.


Basecamp helps you keep track of assignments, work on documents, & plan projects.


Automate manual processes & deliver timely data about your projects with Ajera.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 combines the full Office suite of Microsoft Office 365 apps.


Mosaic delivers powerful project planning and resource management solutions.
Service Comparison

What makes Succurri different

We have a great process that makes you feel really good about hiring us.




Remote Patching
24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
Basic Security Coverage
Client Portal
Dedicated Virtual CIO
Infrastructure Support (Servers & Network)
Microsoft 365 Support
Remote & Onsite Service Desk Support
Strategic Business Review & Technology Roadmapping
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Best in Class Advanced Security
Computer Setup
Life-Cycle Management
Real-Time Systems Dashboard
Vendor Management

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