IT Support for Engineering Firm

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The team of IT technicians here at Succurri is uniquely qualified to serve the engineering industry with all of their IT needs.


Increase productivity, and improve project management _

IT strategies, solutions, and support for challenges engineers come up against
Succurri-managed IT services help our engineering clients improve productivity, enhance project management, and provide better overall success for projects.

Large File Management and Collaboration:

Architectural design projects involve large files, such as CAD drawings, 3D models, and high-resolution images. Managing, sharing, and collaborating on these files can be slow and cumbersome, particularly when team members are working remotely or at different locations.
Implement a robust and scalable file management and sharing system, which may include cloud-based storage solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox, or specialized design collaboration tools like Autodesk BIM 360. These platforms allow real-time access to project files and facilitate version control. Ensure high-speed internet connections and optimize local network infrastructure for faster file access.

Software & Hardware Compatibility:

Architectural design firms rely on a range of software tools for design, modeling, rendering, and project management. Ensuring compatibility and efficient integration among these tools can be challenging.
Invest in integrated software suites designed for architectural design workflows, as they often offer better interoperability. Regularly update software and hardware to ensure they meet system requirements and are compatible with one another. Utilize virtualization, where appropriate, to run software applications on centralized servers, reducing compatibility issues.

Data Security & Client Confidentiality:

Architectural firms handle sensitive client information, proprietary designs, and intellectual property. Maintaining data security and client confidentiality is crucial to protect the firm’s reputation and comply with legal and ethical standards.
Implement stringent cybersecurity measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption to safeguard sensitive data. Train employees on cybersecurity best practices to promote security awareness. Utilize access controls and data encryption to protect sensitive client information. Develop clear data handling policies and ensure compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR in Europe or relevant data privacy laws in your region.
Architectural design firms may also face issues like resource allocation, regulatory compliance, and staying up-to-date with the latest design software and techniques. Solutions often involve a combination of adopting the right software tools, implementing best practices, and staying informed about the latest technological developments in the field.
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10 Benefits of managed IT services


Succurri highlights the top 10 benefits of managed IT services for businesses.

The engineering industry is changing a lot and facing new and advanced IT challenges every day that are different from other industries.

Some Everett engineering companies are intimidated by their growing IT problems and don’t upgrade their systems in order to avoid it (out of sight, out of mind, right?). Others update their systems but find numerous errors and system obstacles facing them on the other side.

Regardless of how your company is responding to the fluctuating IT landscape, one thing is for certain — you are having problems.

After all, why else would you be here?

Maybe it’s because your current tech team can’t make your problems go away, or because your business is growing and you no longer have time to resolve IT problems on your own — whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Process

How Our “Problem First, Technology Second”

Process Provides Permanent Solutions To Your IT Troubles

At Succurri, permanently resolving your IT problems is what we do.

How do we make this happen?

By carrying out our company mantra of “problem first, technology second.” This means that we never suggest a technology solution until we understand perfectly what your engineering IT problems are.

Only after we’ve mastered the ins and outs of your unique situation will we start to make technology recommendations. And unlike the majority of IT firms, we understand that throwing technology at a problem won’t make it go away — we never suggest using tech simply for the sake of using tech.

Instead, what we provide is a strategic tech blueprint that solves your IT problem on the first round and makes sure it never comes back.

Continue reading to see what this process looks like in action!


Common IT Problems That The Engineering Industry Struggles With

Our team of IT experts has years of experience serving the Everett engineering industry. Some of the most frequent problems that we encounter include:

Is your company suffering from problems like these? We can help.

Here at Succurri, we put systems in place that are dependable and have the standards and controls that engineers rely on for daily use.

Our “problem first, technology second” IT process empowers your company with standardization, control, recording, auditing, and a wide array of other abilities.

An IT Company That Understands The Unique Demands Of The Engineering Industry

The team of IT technicians here at Succurri is uniquely qualified to serve the engineering industry. Whether it’s troubleshooting your CAD and solid modeling software, or helping your office improve its mobile workforce capabilities, we have the experience and talent needed to get the job done right, the first time, every time.

To give you an example of how we put our “problem first, technology second” process to work, let’s take some of the industry problems listed above and see how our team solved them!


System Speed

When it comes to your technology systems, the standard for what is considered “fast” is constantly increasing. Both clients and team members expect engineering systems to be quick and both parties want faster access to files and blueprints than ever before.

When clients come to us with system speed problems, we sit down with them and have a dialogue to ensure that we understand exactly what their issues are and what kind of speed improvements they need.

For some clients, the solution is better management of the technology they already have and for this, we will usually recommend our managed services package. For others, the solution lies through a restructuring and updating of their tech infrastructure. If this is the case, we’ve created a number of systems and IT support packages to answer this need.

If you are suffering from lackluster system speed, contact us today and share your problem with us. We’ll make your problem our problem instead so that you can get back to work doing what you do best — engineering and design.

Intellectual Property Management

A problem that we hear about weekly, if not daily, is the issue of intellectual property management. This includes a wide range of security concerns, including:
For the engineering industry, controlling and securing data is a serious priority. After all, a design file is extremely portable. All it takes is a tiny flash drive or a quick email and you could lose thousands of dollars of work in an instant! If you are concerned with intellectual property management, then you’ll resonate with the story of Company A (not their actual name, but a real client of ours). Company A designs and builds tiny motors and that are highly sought after. These motors are famous for their ingenuity and advanced capabilities and as a result, the motors are very expensive. The designs for these small motors are Company A’s intellectual property and are what give this company a competitive edge in the motor industry.

Company A approached us because they wanted to secure their motor designs. Putting our “problem first, technology second” process into action, we sat down with their leadership and made sure we understood the ins and outs of their problem.

As it stood, Company A’s primary problem was securing their designs against employee theft.

Once we understood this, we were able to suggest and put in place systems that empowered Company A with design access control, modification and sharing control and tracking, as well as a host of other security features.

Company A has been enjoying its increased intellectual property management for a number of years now. Because our systems were tailored to meet this company’s unique problems, our security has been extremely effective at deterring data theft.

Advanced IT Services For The Engineering Industry

From optimizing your remote workforce capabilities to improving your unified communication systems, Succurri is your one-stop solution for all things IT. And while we may not be the first IT company you call, we’ll definitely be your last. Because when we solve a problem, it stays gone for good.

To hear more about what we can do for your engineering team and to share your problems with us, contact our experts today.

Technology integrations

We integrate with your technology

Here are the things that we do within the broader category of IT support.


We integrate with AutoDesk to help make your design work seamless.


Better manage business operations and customer relations with SAP.


SAGE allows you to manage your money, accounting, payroll, and more.

Dynamics 365

Create & manage your innovative ideas into great product designs with SolidWorks.


NetSuite is the leading integrated cloud business software suite.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 combines the full Office suite of Microsoft Office 365 apps.


Deltek allows you to manage project costs, measure earned value, & analyze budgets.
Service Comparison

What makes Succurri different

We have a great process that makes you feel really good about hiring us.




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Remote & Onsite Service Desk Support
Strategic Business Review & Technology Roadmapping
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Best in Class Advanced Security
Computer Setup
Life-Cycle Management
Real-Time Systems Dashboard
Vendor Management

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