IT Solutions for Manufacturers

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IT problems are frequent occurrences in the manufacturing industry. It’s no surprise, given how much hardware is used in the average manufacturing facility. Yet, despite their frequency, most companies are stumped on the proper way to handle IT issues. The most popular solution? Ignore the problem and figure out a way to work around it. As you can imagine, this save-it-for-tomorrow approach to IT is a great way to set up your manufacturing facility for disaster. IT problems need to be tackled head-on — not worked around.

Improve operational efficiencies to be more competitive in your market _

IT strategies, solutions, and support for challenges manufacturers come up against
Succurri-managed IT services help manufacturing companies address the IT challenges they may encounter that can impact their operations, efficiency, and competitiveness.

Supply Chain Management:

Managing a complex supply chain, which may include multiple suppliers, partners, and global locations, can be challenging. Manufacturers need to ensure timely deliveries, monitor inventory levels, and optimize production to meet customer demand.
Supply Chain Software: Implement advanced supply chain management software to optimize procurement, inventory, and distribution processes. These systems provide real-time visibility into the supply chain and can automate many aspects of inventory management. IoT and RFID: Utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to track goods and materials throughout the supply chain. This enhances real-time tracking and helps prevent delays or disruptions.

Operational Efficiency & Production Optimization:

Ensuring smooth and efficient production processes while minimizing downtime and waste is a constant challenge for manufacturers.
Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES): Implement MES software to monitor and control manufacturing operations in real-time. MES helps optimize production schedules, track work-in-progress, and provide data for performance analysis. Predictive Maintenance: Employ predictive maintenance solutions that use sensors and data analytics to predict when equipment might fail. This approach minimizes unplanned downtime and extends the lifespan of machinery.

Data Security & Cybersecurity:

Manufacturers hold valuable intellectual property, sensitive customer data, and critical operational data. Protecting this information from cyber threats is essential.

Robust Cybersecurity Measures: Invest in comprehensive cybersecurity measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption. Conduct regular security audits and employee training to enhance security awareness. Data Backup and Recovery: Implement a robust data backup and recovery strategy to ensure business continuity in the event of data loss or cyberattacks. This can include offsite backups and disaster recovery plans.

In addition to these challenges, manufacturers may also face issues related to technology adoption, integrating legacy systems, and staying competitive in a rapidly evolving market. Solutions often involve a combination of adopting advanced technology, process optimization, and employee training.

Doug O.


When our technology became too complex for me to manage and support, I did the math on the time we were spending supporting, managing, and downtime with in-house resources, Succurri is saving us effort and money – their managed IT services are amazing!

Doug O.


When our technology became too complex for me to manage and support, I did the math on the time we were spending supporting, managing and downtime with in-house resoucources, Succurri is saving us effort and money – their managed IT services are amazing!

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10 Benefits of managed IT services


Succurri highlights the top 10 benefits of managed IT services for businesses.
Here at Succuri, we are in the business of helping manufacturing companies find and solve their IT problems. We fix IT issues immediately so that your facility can continue performing at maximum efficiency. Our team of IT specialists is committed to helping those in the manufacturing industry increase their flexibility and effectiveness in the field. Our IT services for the manufacturing industry are tailored to meet the needs we’ve most commonly seen in your industry. And while we do use state-of-the-art technology to help solve your problems, our IT resolution process begins with developing a fluent understanding of the needs of your company.

How Our Unique “Problem First, Technology Second”

Process Solves Your IT Struggles

At Succurri, we see our customers as friends, not business opportunities. Evidence of our customer-centric position can be found everywhere from online reviews to our IT resolution processes.

Our unique “problem first, tech second” approach means that rather than trying to solve your IT issue by throwing arbitrary technology solutions at it, we approach your issue by first getting to know your company. By asking questions like “What are your business goals?” And “How is this IT problem affecting you?” We are often able to fix the problem and improve your IT processes, leaving your company better off than before.

Our team will never approach your unique problem with immediate recommendations or an attitude as if we already know the solution. We approach each project with a blank slate and it is only after we’ve thoroughly narrowed down on your IT issue that we make a tech suggestion for your case.


IT Problems Facing The Manufacturing Industry

Our team has seen it all. With our years of experience working with IT issues in the manufacturing industry, we’ve come across almost every kind of problem there is and learned how to solve it.

Here are some of the most common IT problems facing the manufacturing industry:

If you’ve resonated with any of the listed IT problems, don’t worry! Our expert IT team will help you find effective solutions for your issues.

Regardless of whether you just need IT troubleshooting or want to equip your business with new tech, Succuri is here to be the answer to your IT struggles.

An IT Company That Understands The Unique Demands Of The Manufacturing Industry

To give you a better idea of what our problem first, technology second process is like, this section will introduce you to two common IT problems we encounter in the manufacturing industry and will walk you through the resolution process.

System Speed

The standard for system speed is increasing every year. Your employees expect quick-loading programs and your clients expect fast access to files and specifications.

If a manufacturing company approaches us with system speed problems, the first thing we do is sit down and discuss their speed issues — which aspects of their IT infrastructure are slow, why speed matters to them, what kind of speed improvements they’re looking for, etc.

The solution for slow system speed isn’t always newer, faster hardware. Sometimes, a slow system just indicates that better management practices need to be put in place. If this is the case, Succurri offers customized managed services packages specifically for manufacturing companies.

Alternatively, it may be that a system update is required. If this is your situation, we offer a variety of IT support packages and systems to help answer this need.

Intellectual Property Management

A common issue that companies in the manufacturing industry face is intellectual property management. This problem includes a variety of security interests, including:
As a manufacturing company, your intellectual property is invaluable. You need to protect and manage who has access to things like blueprints, designs, and plans so they are not stolen or edited. The team of IT security experts here at Succurri can suggest and implement systems that will help you control design access, monitor modification and sharing, and a multitude of other security benefits. We will also customize our systems to meet the exact property management needs of your company.

Advanced IT Services For The Engineering Industry

Here at Succurri, we are committed to helping those in the manufacturing industry find answers to their IT problems. When we solve an IT problem, it stays fixed. No reoccurring system errors or IT bills. To hear more about our IT services for manufacturing companies, contact or call us today.
Technology integrations

We integrate with your technology

Here are the things that we do within the broader category of IT support.


We integrate with AutoDesk to help make your design work seamless.


Better manage business operations and customer relations with SAP.


SAGE allows you to manage your money, accounting, payroll, and more.

Dynamics 365

Optimize resources to be more efficient through Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Create & manage your innovative ideas into great product designs with SolidWorks.


NetSuite is the leading integrated cloud business software suite.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 combines the full Office suite of Microsoft Office 365 apps.


Deltek allows you to manage project costs, measure earned value, & analyze budgets.
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We have a great process that makes you feel really good about hiring us.




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