2017 Re-Branding Celebration


Re-Branding Celebration



Our Re-Branding Event was a big deal for us.


Officially changing our name from BE IT Consulting to Succurri took some time, but we finally converted everything over and we are rocking the new name! Most of our clients knew we had changed out name and logo, but we wanted to make it public with delicious food, beverages, and a great time! Here are some photos from the event:




Grant Eckstrom thanking the crowd and introducing the all new Cloud Office Pro platform.


Ricky Wife


Our field technician, Ricky, and his wife enjoying the party.


Guests 2


Everyone was paying attention when we were giving away cool prizes like Amazon gift cards, A Fitbit, Dell keyboard and mouse sets and restaurant gift cards.


Grand Prize Winner Susan Green


Our grand prize winners taking home a brand new Surface Pro 4!


Everyone had a great time at the event, and we hope to continue this tradition in the upcoming years. If you are interested in learning more about Succurri products and services, please give us a call at (206) 590-3312.


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