8 Types of Cyber Security Threats

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Every day, cyber security threats damage businesses, large and small. You can lose credibility, sensitive information, and money without efficient protection. The team at Succurri aims to inform you of eight potential cyber threats you can experience as a business owner.

Continue reading to learn more about the threat in cybersecurity to prepare your business and successfully prevent these dangers.


What Is a Cyber Security Threat?

Internet threats include digital attacks on your information and cyberspace. Commonly in the form of viruses, phishing, or similar, these attacks can take down a business by stealing its information, selling it, or using it for ransom.

Hackers can infiltrate your cyberspace and steal your essential business data, destroying your credibility and harming everyone involved with your business. The only way to mitigate this significant problem requires implementing preventative measures.


Why Should Businesses Protect Themselves From Cyber Security Threats?

Unfortunately, the risks of cyber security dangers increase daily. They attack everyone and vary widely, putting your business at risk regardless of its size and scope. Without protection, you open up your business to the following problems:

  • Blackouts
  • Equipment failure
  • Sensitive data theft
  • Extortion

Network security threats grow more intrusive and change to bypass current safety features, requiring an ever-changing and intuitive security system. Always consider your business under threat; do not wait to safeguard your employees, clients, and business information.

When under threat, cyber security will alert you to the problem and immediately investigate and combat attacks. This protection can prevent the attack from being successful, protecting your business.


Types of Cybersecurity Threats to Businesses

A business must remain aware of many types of cyber-security threats. We’ve explained some of the most common threats in the following:

  • Malware—Malicious software that installs itself when the user clicks on a suspicious link or attachment
  • Phishing—Falsified communication, such as email, that tricks a person into revealing sensitive information to the hacker instead of a secure person
  • Ransomware—Gets into your network and holds information or usability for ransom, forcing a company to pay to use their equipment or gain back data
  • Emotet—Works similar to the Trojan horse; this malware will trick the user into believing it is something else before releasing a harmful code. It’s extremely pervasive and difficult to remove.
  • Denial of Service—Floods a network until the system overloads, shuts down, or becomes incapable of performing
  • Man in the Middle—Steals information or money by inserting itself between a two-party transaction
  • SQL Injection—Occurs when someone inserts a malicious code into a server, forcing it to offer information
  • Password Attacks—Stealing passwords to gain personal and carefully guarded information. A person can sell personal information to the dark web or similar.



Cyber threats continue to surround us, constantly improving and surpassing current security standards. Protect yourself and your business from harm by getting help from reliable IT security providers. Contact Succurri to learn more about cyber security threats and how to prevent them by calling and requesting a consultation.


Want to learn more about what a Managed Security Services Provider is? Listen to Succurri partner, Grant Eckstrom, and Fractional CMO, Tony Lael, discuss the topic in more depth in this video.



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