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How safe is it security for your company’s data? Have you considered cyber security services? Call us today!

We live in a digital age. If you are a business owner, most of your business’s information probably exists in a digital space, such as on your computer or in the cloud. While keeping your data in the cloud provides advantages in terms of efficiency and speed, it also leaves your valuable information vulnerable to cyber threats.

At Succurri, our managed endpoint security and services can keep your organization safe against a range of digital threats and ensure that you never need to worry about a data breach again.


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What Is a Managed Security Service?

In our digital age, employing information security professionals is essential to preventing cyber-attacks and viruses from compromising your business’s information. However, many organizations do not have the resources to keep a security team in-house.

A managed security service provider (MSSP) is a third-party information security management company that offers small businesses a wide range of security services. These providers can work with the company in-house, but most provide their services remotely.


MSSPs vs. MSPs

A managed security service provider (MSSP) is different from a managed service provider (MSP). Here are the differences between these two terms.


Managed Security Service Provider

A managed security services provider (MSSP) offers specialized security services to businesses. These companies handle every aspect of a business’s digital and security initiatives and oversee all of the company’s security solutions and technologies daily.


Managed Service Provider

In contrast, a managed service provider (MSP) offers more generalized third-party IT services. Rather than specializing in providing security services, MSPs typically provide technical support through a Network Operation Center (NOC). These companies sometimes offer security services in broader support packages, but their security offerings are not comprehensive.


Fully Managed vs. Co-Managed Security Services

You may have heard the terms “fully managed” and “co-managed” regarding managed security providers. Here’s a quick overview of these two types of services.


Fully Managed Security Service

If your company does not currently have any security professionals on staff, you need a fully managed security service. Fully managed security services provide comprehensive security solutions, acting like your business’s own cyber security department.


Co-Managed Security Service

Meanwhile, if your company already employs security professionals, you may benefit more from co-managed security services. These services share security responsibilities with your in-house staff, providing supplemental security event monitoring solutions as you need them.


Five Benefits of Hiring an MSSP

Companies choose to work with MSSPs for several reasons. Our MSSPs can provide the following benefits to your organization:


  1. Scale-up security: Partnering with our MSSPs can enhance your existing security and provide the complete protection your business needs.
  2. Layer on needed expertise where there is an internal IT skills gap: We can help you fill in the gaps in your existing department and create full-scale protection.
  3. Understand the best solutions in the market: You can trust our MSSPs to utilize the best security solutions on the market within your business.
  4. Apply their know-how of having tackled similar challenges for diverse client environments: We work with clients in numerous industries, giving us expertise handling the challenges your business may face.
  5. Increase visibility into threats while expediting a security response: We have the experience necessary to identify threats quickly and implement a fast response to minimize the damage.


Typical Security Technologies That MSSPs Manage and Deploy

MSSPs utilize various security technologies, software, and programs to keep your business safe against a wide range of digital security threats. Typically, you can expect an MSSP to use the following technologies within its practices security operations:


  • Anti-spam: Technologies and software that prevent email spam by rejecting illegitimate emails from untrustworthy sources
  • Anti-virus (AV): Programs that protect your computers, printers, and other devices against malware and viruses that could put your data at risk
  • Data loss prevention (DLP): Software that detects potential data breaches and blocks threats from accessing your data
  • Firewalls (UTMs, NGFWs, etc.): Security devices that monitor network traffic and protect your company’s data from untrusted networks
  • Identity access management (IAM): Tools that allow your MSSP to manage the access rights of your employees
  • Intrusion prevention systems (IPS): Technologies that scan network traffic, provide intrusion detection, and block future traffic from suspicious networks
  • Patch management: Software that helps your MSSP manage updates and bug fixes for your company’s programs
  • Privileged access management (PAM): Security mechanisms that ensure that users only have necessary levels of access within your company’s programs
  • Threat intelligence: Tools that provide information about potential threats and help MSSPs manage incoming or ongoing threats
  • Virtual private networks (VPN): Services that allow your company to send and receive data through a private network
  • Vulnerability scanning: Tools that identify security weaknesses and flaws within your network
  • Web content filtering: Technologies that restrict access to specific websites or materials on the internet


Each of these tools and technologies provides necessary security measures to keep your business’s data and information secure. As a result, the best MSSPs utilize a combination of most of these security events and programs within their comprehensive security services.


How Our Managed Security Services Work

At Succurri, we provide full-scale security services to prevent, detect, assess, and block a wide range of cyber threats to your company. Our day-to-day security program and services typically encompass the following tasks:


  • Risk assessments and gap analysis: Identifying any gaps in your existing security measures and assessing potential risks for data breaches or attacks
  • Policy development and risk management: Developing strategies and crafting policies to minimize risks identified through assessments
  • Solution scoping: Identifying and defining the necessary processes to create a comprehensive security solution
  • Solution/tool research and requisition: Researching and acquiring the best security software, tools, and technologies for your specific industry
  • Solution implementation: Implementing strategic security solutions to protect your data and prevent breaches
  • Management of security systems: Monitoring and managing all of your security technologies, such as those in the above list
  • Configuration management: Ensuring that your software runs and performs consistently and tracking any changes to these programs that occur
  • Security updates: Updating security programs and patching bugs to optimize security measures
  • Reporting, auditing, and compliance: Conducting periodical security audits to ensure that your data and protection meet established criteria
  • Training and education: Educating your team about ways to prevent data breaches, detect email spam and viruses, and keep your company’s information safe


As you can see, managed security services do not only include installing anti-virus software on your company’s devices. Instead, managed network security services include extensive, expert measures to protect your data, educate your staff on security concerns, and continually improve security solutions.


Managed Security Services: Security monitoring

Our Succurri team provides the following managed security threat monitoring solutions and vulnerability management for companies like yours.


Threat intelligence: Managed Detection and Response

Security threats can come out of nowhere and instantly compromise your company’s privacy. A significant portion of our managed IT security services includes detecting potential and upcoming threats and responding to them quickly to limit their impact on your data.

Threat intelligence software allows for managed detection and security monitoring for early threat detection and mitigation.


Managed Security and Compliance

One way we prevent security threats from harming your company is by continually monitoring and assessing the security capabilities of all of your network systems and security tools to ensure they meet our standards.


Managed Database Security & Incident response

Our managed security solutions also include a range of database security solutions and incident response.

These tools help us preserve the confidentiality and safety of all of the data within your databases, whether you use offline databases, cloud data programs, or internet-based file storage.


Security Technology Monitoring & Management

We provide top-level security expertise and technology management to ensure that your security solutions perform at their best to protect your data with the latest threat intelligence software.


Managed Application Control

Finally, we offer managed cloud security solutions that restrict unauthorized access to your network systems, threat detection, including your emails, databases, customer relationship management (CRM) programs, and more.


Succurri: Best Managed Security Service Providers

If your company’s security department lacks sufficient staffing or expertise, hiring a trusted MSSP is the easiest and most reliable way to fill the gaps in your network security operations.

At Succurri, we provide the comprehensive managed security monitoring services your company needs to stay vigilant against threats and protect your vulnerable data. We are a cut above all managed security service providers (mssps).

Grant Eckstrom, CISSP and Partner at Succurri, had this to say:

“Network management isn’t just about keeping you connected; it’s about ensuring your infrastructure evolves alongside your ambitions, always ready for what’s next.”

Contact us at Succurri today by calling 206-340-1616 to learn more about our managed security operations and services.


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