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Some companies don’t realize that there is a simple solution to proactively prevent network and workstation IT issues. With our network monitoring and remote maintenance solutions, you’ll have a proverbial “eye in the sky” making sure that your systems are staying up ‘round the clock.


Succurri is a premier IT provider for countless businesses in the Seattle area. Once called the “Jet City,” Seattle has been affectionately dubbed the “Emerald City.” This namesake is at the core of our identity, as we are passionate about equipping Seattle businesses to change the world with technology.


Cybersecurity, cloud solutions, IT support, and phone systems are just some of the solutions that we provide our clients. Our number one goal is to increase your productivity and mitigate any downtime or unnecessary cost to you and your organization.


You can click here to learn more about who we are. Below, I’ll teach you more about network monitoring, remote maintenance, and our hybrid approach to both!


Network Performance Monitoring

Have you ever woken up to work only to find a computer, printer, or network completely down? If so, you’ve likely been prevented from completing your daily tasks, greatly expanding the cost of operations as well as the cost of fixing the issue.


If this story sounds familiar, you could have benefitted from a network performance monitoring service.


Network monitoring services are instrumental in keeping your critical infrastructure from crashing at the moments that you need it most. In our experience, having a reliable network monitoring service increases the average amount of up-time substantially, while simultaneously decreasing the overall operating expense required for emergency repairs.


Remote Network Monitoring and Maintenance

Remote maintenance and remote network monitoring go hand-in-hand. Our services and solutions are structured to be able to easily identify an issue ahead of time and deploy a fix before it becomes a problem that affects your workflow. This means that there are two important aspects to consider:


  1. Network Monitoring
  2. Remote Maintenance


Below, I’ll share our approach to both aspects of this dual-pronged solution.


Succurri Approach to Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring service is engineered to proactively prevent network and workstation IT issues.


We install our networking monitoring software on all of your organizations’ workstations and your servers. When any type of unnatural condition is detected, a notification will be triggered and sent to our Network Operations Center (NOC).


Once the NOC receives this notification, a ticket will be generated that displays the unnatural condition and notifies our technicians to investigate the issue.


Our network monitor solutions also include the ability to leverage our remote login tool. This allows us to access any managed PC, granting our expert technicians the ability to virtually see what your employee sees when they have an issue.


By doing so, our technicians can navigate through the machine’s operating system (OS), and rapidly deploy fixes for potentially critical issues.


This network monitoring solution drastically decreases any ambiguity of issues that can result in a frustrating wild goose chase to isolate the particular issue.


Our remote network monitoring service is affordable and flat-rate, ensuring that you will have the ability to proactively eliminate serious errors before they occur while staying in-line with your budget.


Our Approach to Remote Maintenance

Network monitoring solutions may alert us of potential issues, but this data would be irrelevant without a system in place for remote maintenance. Our approach to remote maintenance is straightforward and effective. We set up configuration profiles on each one of your workstations and servers and these allow us to log critical information about the PCs that you need managed. Such critical information like the following:


  • OS type
  • Software license info
  • Anti-virus information
  • Internal specifications of the machine
  • User profile information


These systems are tied together so that whenever an update becomes available for any of your hardware or software, it will trigger a notification to our NOC. Once that notification is received, we’ll be able to schedule updates to be delivered at a time that works best for your business, without interrupting your daily workflow. In doing so, we ensure that your workstations and servers receive all of their necessary updates without creating unnecessary downtime.


The Value of Regular Remote Maintenance Ongoing

The value proposition of regular remote maintenance is best summarized as the ability to eliminate potential security threats and crippling software errors.


Our network monitor service works in tandem with our NOC’s ability to perform remote maintenance. With our dual-pronged approach, we have a proven track record of keeping software and firmware up to date and ensuring that workstations and servers are running smoothly.


Cybercriminals work tirelessly at creating new viruses, Trojan horses, and other types of malware or ransomware. Such rogue scripts are designed to exploit holes in a software’s code to gain access to your systems. Even though major software companies do their best in “patching” such holes, users can often assume a false sense of security and be careless as a result.


In working with our team and employing our remote maintenance solutions, you can rest assured that you’ll have a team that works with your staff to provide all essential maintenance that your computer systems may need.


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Best Network Monitoring Systems

Network monitoring systems are an immediate value-ad for any business looking to maximize their cybersecurity and productivity while simultaneously avoiding surprise expenditures for hardware replacement and emergency software fixes.


Remote monitoring and maintenance are just two of the ways that Succurri is equipped to help your business be in optimal shape. When businesses choose to invest in technology, they absolutely gain an edge over the competition and are set up for success.


I highly encourage you to take a look around our website. If you’re in need of more information about our proactive remote monitoring and maintenance tools, please contact us.


We’re confident that your business can benefit from our solutions, and are here to help you find the right one for you.


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