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At Succurri our Quarterly IT Performance Review with Clients is a critical process for assessing the health and performance of our Clients’ IT systems and infrastructure over the past quarter.

It provides business executives with valuable insights into various aspects of IT operations, from project progress to compliance and vendor performance. Here’s an expanded view of each component of our IT performance review template:

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1. Project Progress and Milestones

During the first stage of our IT support performance review, we look into project progress and milestones. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Overview of Major Projects: We start by providing an overview of major IT projects and initiatives currently underway. This should include projects related to infrastructure upgrades, software development, and digital transformation.
  • Track Milestones: We present a summary of milestones achieved during the quarter. We also highlight any projects that are on track and those that have encountered challenges.
  • Upcoming Tasks and Deadlines: We review upcoming tasks and project deadlines as well as provide a timeline of key events and activities planned for the next quarter.
  • Identify Delays and Risks: We discuss any delays in projects and their causes, as well as risks that could impact future progress and outline mitigation strategies to address these challenges.
  • Resource Allocation: We evaluate resource allocation across projects to ensure optimal use of IT staff, budget, and other assets.


2. Performance Trends

The next step of our IT performance review is to identify performance trends. This process gives us a full 360 degree view of how your IT is performing during each quarter. When identifying performance trends, we:

  • Review System Performance Metrics:
    • Analyze system performance metrics, including server uptime, network latency, and application response times.
    • Compare the current quarter’s data to previous quarters to identify trends.
  • Identify Key Help Desk Metrics:
    • Review help desk metrics, such as ticket volume, resolution times, and customer satisfaction ratings.
    • Analyze trends and identify areas for improvement.
  • Highlight Any Security Incidents:
    • Present data on security incidents, including their nature, frequency, and impact.
    • Assess how these incidents were handled and the effectiveness of your response.
  • Set Targets for Improvement:
    • Based on your analysis, set clear targets for performance improvement in the next quarter.
    • Develop action plans to address any identified issues.


3. Compliance and Regulatory Status

Reviewing compliance and regulatory status is an essential component of an IT performance review. Here’s our process:

  • Compliance Overview:
    • Provide an overview of your compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.
    • Highlight any audits conducted during the quarter.
  • Audit Results and Findings:
    • Present the results of audits and compliance assessments.
    • Identify areas that require attention and outline plans for corrective actions.
  • Regulatory Changes:
    • Discuss any recent or upcoming changes in regulations that may impact your business plan for compliance with new requirements.


4. Data Usage and Storage

We look at data usage and storage because it allows to predict future needs as your company grows. During this process, we:

  • Identify Data Usage Patterns:
    • Visualize data usage patterns across your systems, including network traffic, database transactions, and application data usage.
  • Perform a Storage Capacity Analysis:
    • Assess storage capacity and utilization rates across your infrastructure.
    • Identify trends and anticipate future storage needs.
  • Create Data Management Strategies:
    • Discuss data management strategies, such as data retention policies and archiving processes, to ensure efficient use of storage.


5. Vendor Performance

The next step of our quarterly IT support performance review is to analyze your vendors’ performances. Here’s a breakdown:

  • We Perform a Vendor Overview:
  • Evaluate SLAs:
    • Review vendor performance against service level agreements (SLAs), including response times, resolution rates, and service quality.
  • Identify Areas for Improvement:
    • Identify areas where vendors are underperforming and discuss potential improvements to service delivery.
  • Assess Vendor Relationships:
    • Discuss the status of vendor relationships and any strategic partnerships that can be leveraged for mutual benefit.


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Succurri: Supporting Companies at Every Stage

At the conclusion of the Quarterly IT performance review, we present a summary of key findings and recommendations for action. We also provide an opportunity for discussion and questions from business executives to ensure a thorough understanding of the review. This process empowers the leadership team to make informed decisions, set clear goals, and take proactive measures to optimize IT performance and drive business success in the coming quarter.

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