Top 4 Reasons Why Mobile Device Management is Important

Top 4 Reasons Why Mobile Device Management is Important

Today, almost everyone has at least one mobile device, like a cell phone or tablet. Many business owners don’t know why mobile device management is important.

Mobile device management (MDM) software improves network security, updates devices, and secures corporate data. Keep reading to learn why your business needs this essential software.


What is Mobile Device Management Software

Mobile device management software is an easy way to manage your devices across your company. But why is mobile device management important? It ensures devices across your enterprise are protected, keeping your data secure.

Mobile device management software allows for around-the-clock access to any device, regardless of operating system. Imagine being able to wipe a mobile device if it is lost or stolen. Software and apps are no longer tied to a single user but can be managed on a single platform.

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Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Why is a mobile device management policy important? Key benefits of mobile device management for businesses include:

  • Remote management of mobile devices: You can control remote device access and provide user data authentication for those working out of the office.
  • Enhanced security: Security features include remotely wiping lost or stolen devices, providing user authentication, and ensuring devices are updated.
  • Regulatory compliance: Regulatory compliance means that unauthorized devices shouldn’t have access to corporate data. Therefore, it’s crucial to monitor and manage all devices, ensuring they follow regulatory standards.
  • Cost-saving: Most employees already have mobile devices, and mobile device management allows them to use what they already own, thus reducing spending on new devices.
  • Real-time support: Managers and IT professionals can sort through questions and provide real-time answers to requests.
  • Controlled device updates: Keeping devices up to date with the latest security patches.


Reasons Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management

Security risks, improved workflow, and securing your data are among the many reasons mobile device management is important.


Unmanaged Mobile Devices Are a Huge Security Risk

Unmanaged devices create security risks, which is why mobile device management is important. Mobile device management sets up security protocols for each device used within the company.


MDM Can Help Lower Costs

Allowing employees to use their personal devices with mobile device management software saves money on devices and the IT hours monitoring individual devices.


Improved Workflows and Flexibility

Efficiently assign and monitor tasks. Managers can better organize team projects, and mobile device management allows 24-hour support.


Simplify Internal IT Demands

Mobile device management services allow IT staff to monitor all devices simultaneously, saving time, money, and headaches.


Free the Enterprise Workforce

Studies show remote workers are just as productive at home as in the office. Mobile device management software helps employees keep their devices up to date with security patches and supports teamwork and communication.


FAQs About Mobile Device Management


What are the ports used by the MDM application?

Mobile device management applications use several ports:

9383For communication between agent and Mobile Device Manager
443For secured communication between servers
2195Open firewall/proxy for the server to reach APN
5223For mobile devices connected to WiFi


Do the devices have to be factory reset to be enrolled and managed by MDM?

No. Both iOS and Android have device management interfaces that MDM vendors can tap into, so there’s no need to reset the device when enrolling.


How much storage space does the ME MDM app consume?

On average, the app size is about 25-30MB. The exact size and space requirements depend on the app’s storage structure, documentation, and number of profiles.



Now that you know why mobile device management is important, it’s time to protect your business. Succurri provides managed IT services, including IT support, IT consulting, and mobile device management, to small businesses in the Washington area.

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