5 Common IT Problems & How to Fix Them

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IT resources are made available on demand through the Internet by cloud solutions, also referred to as cloud computing or cloud services.

Cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform let their customers rent out anything from applications to data centers on a pay-per-use basis.

However, the Cloud is not without flaws and has its share of privacy, data management, and IT problems. Thus, cloud computing has both advantages and disadvantages.


Common IT Issues: Is Your Business at Risk?

Lack of Employee (Internal) Security Measures

Employee access to confidential company information is one of the key reasons they pose a cybersecurity risk. Customer information, financial information, trade secrets, and other information may be included in this data.

If the wrong people got their hands on this information, they might use it to steal, conduct fraud, or even sell it on the black market.

Outdated Equipment and Software

In reality, most companies use a combination of old and new technologies. Because it exposes your company to a variety of hazards, failing to update outdated technology at the same rate as the competition might prove to be a substantial disadvantage. Risks consist of:

Crashes and downtimes; cost increases; decreased productivity; security gaps; and risks related to legal and regulatory compliance.

Data Loss and Recovery

A business is vulnerable to numerous legal proceedings and lawsuits in the event of data loss. The regulator may impose fines for violating data protection rules and regulations if customer data is lost. In the case that client data is lost, customers may also sue a company. The overall success of a business’s recovery from a data loss catastrophe may be impacted by all of these legal steps.

Network(s) Not Working

Due to the complexity of business networks, many things can go wrong and cause performance issues. End users frequently express their dissatisfaction with what appears to be poor program performance, and there are numerous potential causes for these hiccups:

Excessive CPU utilization, Slow DNS lookups, Duplicate and Static IP Addresses, Exhausted IP Addresses, Weak Wi-Fi signals, Physical Connectivity Issues, VLAN, VPN, and printer connectivity, all form part of IT issues.

Lacking an IT Plan

Every firm needs to create an IT strategy that lays out a clear strategic path for using technology given the increasing relevance that it has.

An IT strategy describes your company’s objectives and how to use technology to achieve them. They can assist you in enhancing productivity, security, compliance, mobility, and communications if they are properly developed. Therefore, the converse would occur if there was no IT plan.


Why Should You Solve ALL IT Problems

Each day, the average employee loses 22 minutes to IT-related technical problems.
These technological problems impair employees’ productivity, risk the security of confidential information, and undermine business procedures.

Effective IT problem-solving ultimately improves job satisfaction, as seen by the 92% of employees who feel that having technology that makes their jobs easier makes them happy at work.
However, many firms still don’t give strategies for fixing IT issues, let alone preventing them from happening, enough attention.

The bulk of technological problems has straightforward fixes. And complicated IT issues can be resolved with the aid of specialized IT services or strong IT security procedures.

Succurri: Offering an Effective IT Problem-Solving Process

The productivity and corporate spirit are all negatively impacted by network problems, outdated software, and team communication concerns.

Any amount of IT problems you might be having can be resolved by our IT experts. Give us a call and we’ll send an IT technician to assist you, whether you already know what the problem with your IT is or you need a team of experts to identify the problem for you.

Need help with your business IT? Contact Succurri today! An IT support firm that is on call if you experience time-consuming and expensive IT issues.



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Susan L.

We realized that our business needed more from our technology than we were getting. It seemed like things were always needing fixing or breaking at just the wrong times. We thought we were saving money by having one of our employees support our IT. When we looked at how we were pulling him away from his core responsibilities, how often we were down because of an issue and the knowledge we just didn't have in house, we were actually spending enough money to afford a professional IT partner - Succurri IT. They provided us with a technology assessment and visited our office before coming up with a plan for us. They helped us get our IT department in order and modernized. We are in a different place and extremely happy with the predictability we now have.

Susan L.

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