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No matter your business type, you likely have valuable information stored in a digital space. You don’t want outsiders accessing your information, whether it’s sensitive company data or simple expenditure numbers. At Succuri, we offer dependable managed security services to keep your business safe.

What Are Managed Security Services

Managed security services are a method of protecting your business’s vital data in the cloud. A third-party provider oversees and administers security services and protocols, including setting up security infrastructure and managing responses to potential breaches. While some providers offer in-house security oversight, most work remotely to monitor and protect your company’s information.

Managed security services keep your data secure. They allow your company to operate safely without worrying about leaks, cyberattacks, and viruses. Because most companies lack the resources to maintain a professional cybersecurity team in the office, managed security services are an excellent solution to combat digital threats.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) vs. Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

There are slight yet crucial differences between managed security service providers (MSSPs) and managed service providers (MSPs).

Managed Security Service Provider

Managed security service providers are third-party companies that specialize in security. MSSPs handle your company’s digital security, offering all the necessary services to keep your data safe and prevent breaches. These providers do everything from setting up your security infrastructure to creating and overseeing security technologies and solutions.

Because managed security service providers focus solely on protecting your company’s digital information, their solutions to potential security problems are comprehensive and proven effective.

Managed Service Provider

On the other hand, managed service providers do not focus on a business’s digital security. Instead, they offer more generalized and overarching IT services to assist your company. MSPs are third-party providers that can work in-house or remotely, but their specialty is technical support.

Most managed service providers operate through a Network Operation Center (NOC). Your company and employees can consult your MSP for solutions to IT issues. Though some managed service providers offer security services as part of their technical assistance, their answers to digital protection are likely less informed and comprehensive than those of a managed security service provider.

Typical Security Technologies Managed and Deployed by MSSPs

Managed security service providers have many technologies that effectively protect your business against the growing number of digital threats. Standard security technologies that MSSPs manage and deploy include:

  • Anti-spam – Hackers use spam emails to phish for employees’ personal information and gain access to your company’s data. MSSPs introduce software that detects and rejects spam.
  • Anti-virus (AV) – Viruses can penetrate your computers and potentially leak or delete crucial data. MSSPs use programs to defend against dangerous malware and viruses.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) – Specialized software can detect and prevent breaches that lead to data loss.
  • Firewalls (UTMs, NGFWs, etc.) – Security devices can detect ingoing and outgoing network traffic end ensure that no untrusted networks have access to your data.
  • Identity access management (IAM) – Allows you to set and manage restrictions on access to certain company data.
  • Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) – Systems that can scan network traffic, detect suspicious networks, and block those networks.
  • Patch management – MSSPs constantly update and better security technologies and work to fix bugs.
  • Privileged access management (PAM) – Allows you to create different levels of access privileges based on employee status and necessity.
  • Threat intelligence – MSSPs use tools to locate, detail, and manage incoming and outgoing threats.
  • VPN – Sets up a private network for your company to use, allowing you to send and receive data safely.
  • Vulnerability scanning – MSSPs utilize tools that detect vulnerable areas in your security infrastructure.
  • Web content filtering – Allows you to ban specific websites and types of material on the internet.

An experienced managed security service provider uses these technologies in tandem to strengthen your company’s security and prevent digital threats.

5 Benefits of Hiring an MSSP

There are numerous reasons to hire a managed security service provider. In doing so, your company will enjoy various security benefits, including:

  1. Scaling up security – The growing number of cyber threats makes it vital to scale up your business’ security. A managed security service provider can improve and add to your current security infrastructure and protocols to protect your sensitive data completely.
  2. Acquiring additional expertise where there is an internal IT skills gap – Some companies lack the resources to staff experienced in-house IT professionals, and others have an IT team that doesn’t have refined skills in cybersecurity.  An MSSP can fill in the gaps to provide complete protection.
  3. Understanding the best solutions for your company – Security solutions continue to evolve and change, and an MSSP can adapt to the times. They’ll constantly focus on finding the best security solutions for your company.
  4. Applying their experience tackling similar challenges for various client environments – An experienced MSSP has techniques for providing digital protection to any business.
  5. Improving threat visibility while speeding up the security response – MSSPs make it easier to spot threats to your company’s digital assets and create timely responses to secure your information.

How Our Managed Security Services Work

On a daily basis, managed security service providers at Succurri handle numerous tasks to ensure comprehensive data protection. These security tasks include: 

  • Risk assessments and gap analysis – Locating gaps within your current security plan, identifying the risks those gaps create, and assessing the severity of each risk.
  • Policy development and risk management – Creating innovative and effective strategies and policies that can manage the risks and help fill gaps in your security measures.
  • Solution scoping – Defining and navigating the processes that lead to successful security solutions.
  • Solution/tool research and requisition – Finding and obtaining the technologies and software that will be most effective in creating security solutions for your business.
  • Solution implementation – After creating solutions and acquiring the necessary tools, implement solutions for data protection.
  • Management of security systems – Managing your security systems and monitoring how they operate.
  • Configuration management – Ensuring consistently smooth operation and monitoring changes in how your software runs.
  • Security updates – Constantly updating your security and patching bus to ensure the highest level of data protection.
  • Reporting, auditing, and compliance – Performing audits on your security measures and reporting the results to ensure they comply with necessary criteria.
  • Training and education – Keeping your team updated and educated about how to use security technologies to protect company information and prevent digital data breaches.

Together, managed security services through Succurri create a comprehensive plan to keep your company and its data safe. We’ll help your staff and security measures continually improve and defend against new digital threats.

Our Managed Security Services

Managed security services at Succurri are the solution to a more complete security plan and a safer company. We provide all of the necessary services to protect your data comprehensively. Some of Succurri’s most vital managed security services include:

Managed Detection and Response

Quickly detecting and responding to digital security threats allows your company to operate safely and privately. As part of our managed IT security services, we locate threats as soon as they appear and immediately utilize an adequate response, ensuring a minimal negative effect on your business’ data. 

Managed Security and Compliance

Inherent to managed network security services is monitoring each system and tool on your network. We manage your software and technologies to ensure they consistently comply with the security standards we’ve constructed. 

Managed Database Security

Reliable managed cloud security requires numerous solutions to protect your databases. Our security experts use tools that keep your company data safe and confidential. We apply these tools and strategies to all databases, from offline databases to cloud data programs. 

Security Technology Monitoring and Management

Your managed security services provider should monitor your security technology to ensure it operates correctly. We manage technologies that lead to successful security solutions to keep your data safe. 

Managed Application Control

As part of our managed cloud security services, we ensure that only authorized users can access your network systems. We restrict unauthorized access to your databases, emails, and other vital systems.


Every business has essential data and information that it wants to protect. A reliable managed security services provider is the solution if your company lacks the necessary security to fight against digital threats and prevent potential breaches. Succurri has the experience to implement proven strategies that keep your company and its information safe.

The experts at Succurri will work with your staff to create a comprehensive security plan. We utilize the best tools and technologies to develop practical solutions to data protection. 

If you want to secure your business, trust the managed security services experts at Succurri. Call today to learn more.




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