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Suppose your laptop suddenly crashes, and all your work vanishes. Or your company is under cyberattack, and all your stored data abruptly disappears. Data losses can happen at any time without warning, which is why it’s best to protect your Microsoft Office 365 data with Office 365 backup solutions.

Office Backup Solutions: An Overview

Microsoft Office 365 doesn’t currently come complete with a built-in backup. Succurri’s Office backup solutions are the ideal choice for protecting and restoring your data. 


Office backup solutions are cloud-native and endeavor to save you from the stress of data corruption and permanent deletion. Office 365 backup solutions offer:

  •   Protection for Microsoft Office’s entire suite of products, including Office 365 email backup and Office 365 Sharepoint backup.
  •   Rapid recovery of any lost files or data.
  •   Automated backups of data, such as emails, contacts, and calendars.
  •   Prevention against the ramifications of cyberattacks and ransomware.

How It Works

Instead of storing your data in one location and leaving it vulnerable, backup solutions make a copy of your data and store it safely in the cloud. About every six hours, Office backup solutions replicate your data and tuck it away, saving any changes you or your team might have made in documents, emails, or calendar memos. 

If you need to use the recover option, Office backup solutions offer a granular restore, allowing you to obtain files and images in a singular backup operation. 

Why Back Up Office 365?

If you create and store your data in the cloud, that does not mean that Microsoft will recover your data if a disgruntled former employee wipes it clean. While Microsoft will maintain your infrastructure, you are responsible for data corruption or losses. 

Do You Really Need to Back Up Office 365?

An Office backup is vital for a healthy business model. If you lose data, it will cost your employees time as they scramble to recreate it, and thus your business will take a financial hit. 

How Much Does It Cost to Back Up Office 365?

An Office 365 backup is an upfront investment that can save you more than it costs to recreate data if disaster strikes. The price per license ranges from around $18 to $30. 

Our Office 365 Backup Solutions

Are you wondering how to back up Office 365 email or how to ensure that malware encryption does not destroy your critical and time-sensitive data? Succurri’s Backup and Disaster Recovery system is the solution for businesses that want a cost-effective and highly efficient Office backup solution. 

Automatic Backups

Manually backing up your system by yourself wastes time and energy. Automatic backups work in the background to save your data at multiple points during the day. Some solutions allow you to choose how many saves per day, but with unlimited storage, the more saves, the better. 

Centralized Management

With centralized management, you can easily check on your backup solution and the health of your servers since the data is all stored in one location. 

Complete Office Protection

Offices that must follow the compliance standards of NIST or HIPAA require access to long-term data. Office backup solutions can help keep your organization compliant in the event of a data breach or loss. 

Data Loss Prevention

Having an Office 365 backup protects against:

  •     Accidental file deletion.
  •     Viruses and malware.
  •     Data loss from hard drive damage, water damage, fires, or power failures.
  •     Data loss from computer theft.

Professional Support

By using our Backup and Disaster Recovery system, you have access to our knowledgeable IT support team. If you have any questions about our Office backup solutions, feel free to contact our experienced service technicians. 

Quick and Easy Recovery

Office 365 data security issues, such as hardware failure and ransomware, do not have to spell disaster for your business. Recovery and restoration options are available with 365 backup solutions. You can forgo waiting weeks for your data to download and instead enjoy instant recovery and restoration of your data with a click of your mouse. 

Secure and Unlimited Storage

No matter how much your business grows and your data usage increases, you can rest assured that your data is safe with unlimited storage. 

Succurri: Best Office 365 Backup Solutions 

Succurri has a long history of doing business in Washington State that spans back a century. Throughout generations, the means of protecting and retrieving data have evolved from duplicate paper filing systems to fireproof vaults to digital backup systems. If your business plan includes longevity and growth, you need to invest in a 365 backup solution for your data. 

Succurri’ Backup and Disaster Recovery system is available at a cost-effective monthly rate. Give us a call at 206-531-3978 to protect your data today. 


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