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Paul D.


When we needed to make the move to go remote and still have a secure network and phones, Succurri stepped in and now they even help us with our annual budget planning so we’re not caught off guard with surprise breakdowns – they provide amazing proactive IT support.

Paul D.


When we needed to make the move to go remote and still have a secure network and phones, Succurri stepped in and now they even help us with our annual budget planning so we’re not caught off gaurd with suprise breakdowns – they provide amazing proactive IT support.

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Succurri highlights the top 10 benefits of managed IT services for businesses.
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Business Class Firewall & Content Filtering Services

Content filtering is a helpful business tool that enables managers to block certain spam sites or pages from being viewed on a work computer or device. This practice ensures that inappropriate content isn’t allowed in the workplace and also helps employees stay on track while at work and using login credentials.

Succurri offers state-of-the-art IT Security Solutions, including content filtering and internet firewalls that give you complete control over the sites your employees visit. This will also help you mitigate the risk of viruses and employees losing productivity to Netflix and Facebook, among other undesirable content.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of our content filtering services and how they can greatly improve your workplace productivity. Contact us today to schedule a free product demonstration.

Industry-Leading Web Content Filtering Services

Our enterprise web filtering services enable you to regulate the kinds of websites that can be accessed using workplace devices. Our content filter software allows you to block specific sites, including personal email accounts, social media, and other sites based on keywords, mitigating the risk of malware and other security threats.

Examples of websites that you may like to block using web content filtering include:

  • Gambling sites
  • Adult content sites
  • Video streaming sites (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, etc.)
  • Social media sites
  • Shopping websites
  • Sports sites
  • News networks
  • Job board websites
  • YouTube
  • Any form of inappropriate content

Industry-Leading Web Content Filtering Services

Regardless of the growth stage or size of your company, installing content filtering software will do a lot to improve your business functions and create a more productive work environment.

The following sections detail the numerous benefits offered by our DNS filtering solutions.

Web Filtering for Increased Team Productivity

The natural byproduct of limited access to specific sites is that there will be an increase in productivity for your entire team.

If team members don’t have access to online stores, social media, news outlets, or other forms of unrelated web content, their time will be spent doing work-related tasks instead of browsing or getting swept up in sensational stories.

Surveys carried out by networking companies have found that when internet access is unrestricted, 58% of employees waste a minimum of 4 hours per week on social media, news, and other sites unrelated to their work.

This is the equivalent of 26 wasted workdays per year.

How much do you pay your employees per day? Multiply that number by 26 and then multiply that by 58% of your employees, and you’ll have an idea of what internet time waste is costing your organization.

According to the survey, large organizations are also among the heaviest users of corporate content filtering software, with 36% blocking Snapchat, 36% blocking Facebook, 35% blocking Instagram, and 31% blocking Pinterest and Twitter.

Take a memo from some of America’s largest corporations and use a web content filter service to block unproductive sites in Google Safe Search and keep your employees on track with their work duties.

As there is no universal remedy, our discovery phase is critical and merits investment in comprehending your business, needs, and objectives.
content based filtering

Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks with Content Filters

Whether it’s viruses, malware, a phishing attack, or cybersecurity measure incidents, an attack on your company has the potential to sow chaos in your organization.

Because allowing unlimited access to all websites has the potential to result in the accidental downloading of viruses or malware, it’s a good business precaution to limit access to unnecessary non-work-related websites with the help of web content filtering and DNS filtering.

By blocking access to personal email services, social media accounts, and other non-work-related sites with content filtering, you mitigate the risk of employees exposing your organization to data theft and cyberattacks.

Protecting your company’s information and internal security is paramount and can be done by installing web content filtering programs for social networking sites, streaming services, and other platforms not related to your workplace.

Improve Network Bandwidth Efficiency

One of the major frustrations that many companies experience is slow or unreliable network connections. These can also be improved by filtering content and installing filtering programs.

Teams report experiencing a faster, more secure connection when non-work-related internet activity is limited (especially when streaming sites are blocked). This is because you will reduce network bandwidth use and web traffic, thus giving back speed to your existing systems.

what is content based filtering

Mitigate the Likelihood of Company Scandals

Another benefit of internet content filters is that by avoiding non-work-related content on the web, companies also reduce the risk of facing liabilities related to unpalatable websites being visited from one of the company’s IP addresses. Content filtering related terms can block access to everything from malicious software, malicious websites, violent content, hate sites, internet-borne malware, phishing attacks, and more. It can be difficult (or even impossible) to rebuild a company’s reputation if its name becomes associated with extremely negative undesirable content browsing. This is why it’s so important for companies to protect their name and mitigate liabilities by restricting all access to websites that could endanger their reputation or put them at risk of legal action being taken against them, like the Children’s Internet Protection Act and more. Adding a DNS layer to your solutions will help block malicious content and access to risky sites, thus keeping your company safe.

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Here at Succurri, we help install intuitive content-filtering software that gives businesses total control over which content is permitted in the workplace and which content is not.

Our content filtering works by enabling businesses to mitigate the risk of cyber threats, streamline productivity, and protect themselves from scandals.

Our solution is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for an easy-to-use, helpful business tool. Contact us today for more information about our content filtering services.


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