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Streamline your business, enhance security, and create an accessible working environment with virtual desktop solutions. Remote desktop hosting eliminates extra hardware and gives contractors access to all related apps and information without the stress of detailed IT management.

Read on to see the benefits of switching to cloud desktop hosting.

What Is Desktop Hosting?

Desktop hosting allows remote workers to access your digital paperwork from anywhere, with maximum security keeping your business safe. A desktop hosting service eliminates the need to install necessary applications on every computer and offers more efficient remote access.

Enhance your employee’s working experience and send information to hundreds of computers within minutes. All your data stays within the data center, giving you complete control over your virtual machines. Virtual desktop hosting allows unlimited access in one location, so your IT team can effectively manage your applications. 

With the wave of remote work across the world, streamlining your company and offering a virtual desktop infrastructure to your employees ensures: 

  • Better performance
  • Simplified virtual access
  • Greater cybersecurity

Virtual desktop infrastructure solutions are becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason. Keep your company up to date and revitalize how you do business.

hat Are the Benefits of Virtual Desktop Solutions? 

Increase your company’s mobility and allow your employees to work from anywhere with our virtual desktop infrastructure solutions. Some other benefits are as follows:

  • Streamline your business and rid yourself of unnecessary hardware.
  • Cut costs by lowering your need for IT work.
  • Increase cybersecurity
  • Eliminate the need to maintain your physical workstations.
  • Make your business scalable.

Whatever your goals, switching to a virtual desktop service will benefit your company. Your company can become a “bring your own device” workplace, making work more accessible and more cost-effective for your company. 

Virtual desktop solutions enhance nearly any business but are exceptionally beneficial to the following:

  • Call centers
  • Graphics-intensive jobs
  • Third-party contractors – And more…

Creating a safe, easy-to-use, and secure workplace environment can improve how you do business.

Hosted Desktops vs. Cloud Desktops

A cloud desktop, also called a virtual desktop as a service, is a virtual desktop hosted in the cloud. This type differs from traditional hosted desktops in several ways.

The DaaS company will handle all infrastructure and IT management costs for you with the virtual desktop service, compared to the hosted desktops where the company must invest in hardware. 

While hosted desktops have several benefits, cloud desktops tend to work more efficiently and require less IT management. Hosted desktops also tend to have an issue with mobile screens, creating a more challenging work environment. 

Cloud desktops are extremely secure, but some companies may deal with a government mandate requiring a physical location for highly secured information. A hosted desktop can help a company comply with these regulations. Unless needed, however, a cloud-based system is cheaper regarding IT overhead and hardware, making it a better alternative.

Why Migrate from Hosted Desktops to Cloud Desktops? 

Cloud desktops offer access to better, enterprise-level technology at a much lower cost than hosted desktops. Because of this lowered cost, virtual desktop solutions for small businesses help create a better environment for small to medium companies. These smaller workspaces may not have the money to access these expensive solutions. 

The cloud-based option offers much better recovery time in case of a disaster. You can get your information back in minutes instead of days or weeks. This option also helps you maintain your system, eliminating the need for manual backups or updates. 

Give your employees the option to work together, wherever they are. A cloud-based desktop solution offers maximized flexibility, both in scalable size and location. Let your company scale up or down as needed and with ease while your employees collaborate on projects simultaneously.

Which Virtual Desktop Service Is Best for You? 

Virtual desktop services have improved tremendously in the past few years as the world heads towards more flexible workspaces. Depending on your company’s needs, there are several available services out there that can benefit you. 

Before you commit to a specific service, consider what your company requires for maximum efficiency. There are several budget-friendly options, but many provide fewer features. Read the following to see some differences between popular virtual desktop services:

Amazon Workspaces

Amazon is one of the pioneers of virtual desktop services and provides hourly pricing, so you only pay for what you need. Depending on your requirements, you can scale up or down for ease of use. 

However, additional IT support comes at an added cost and offers no data transfer from local machines. 

Citrix DaaS

Citrix DaaS is a familiar name and provides exceptional remote work options. However, there’s a minimum of 25 users, so it may not be ideal for smaller companies. 

All data stays encrypted, offering maximum security and an easy-to-use system.

Azure Virtual Desktop

This option has no minimums, making it great for smaller businesses. It offers quick and effective backups and security but offers no on-site option for IT access — it’s strictly through the cloud.

Boost Your Cyber Security with Our Virtual Desktop Solutions

Our team at Succurri is here to help you achieve your business goals. Reach out to Succurri by calling today to learn more about virtual desktop solutions in Mesa, Arizona.




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