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Business phone systems have evolved over the past 20 years. Thanks to impressive technological innovations, business owners no longer have to worry about missing calls from clients, dropped calls, or poor connections. The best VoIP phone systems have revolutionized business communications.

What Are VoIP Phone Systems & How Do They Work?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP phone systems connect directly to the internet, unlike traditional landlines, which connect to analog cables on your property. VoIP technologies function by converting the sound waves of your voice into digital waves, allowing business owners to communicate with employees, customers, and suppliers seamlessly. 

VoIP phone systems first appeared in 1995 when VocalTec unveiled the world’s first internet-based phone systems. Back then, slow dial-up internet connections made communicating through the internet a challenging endeavor. Modern-day VoIP phone systems use high-speed internet connections, dedicated servers, and internet routers to provide high-end calling capabilities for businesses.

The following steps show how an advanced business VoIP phone service functions: 

  1. Incoming and outgoing calls filter through VoIP applications and adaptors
  2. VoIP service providers convert analog soundwaves into digital waves
  3. VoIP servers support incoming and outgoing calls from off-site locations
  4. Business owners receive or make phone calls from both work phones and cell phones

The best VoIP business phone systems include features like voice messaging, call waiting, and caller ID customization. Speak to your local IT professionals for more information about VoIP phone systems near you.

How Much Does a Business VoIP Phone System Cost?

The price of business VoIP phone systems depends on multiple factors. For example, small businesses may only require one phone, while multinational corporations may need over 100 phones to communicate effectively. Thankfully, VoIP providers offer affordable business phone systems to large and small businesses.

Other factors that determine the cost of VoIP phone systems include:

  • Interactive Voice Response features (IVR)
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Call routing 
  • B2B and B2C text messaging 
  • Cloud-based phone data storage

The Benefits of a VoIP Phone System

A professionally installed business phone system has far-reaching benefits for your small or large business.

Positive client relationships help improve the reputation of your business. Unexpectedly dropped calls, unhelpful voice messaging systems, and unclear phone connections can cause clients to view your business as untrustworthy, unreliable, and behind the times. The best VoIP phone systems ensure positive client experiences for your growing business.

Advanced VoIP phone systems cost a fraction of installing traditional landlines and dramatically improve communication between employees, clients, and vendors. But what are the advantages to using VoIP instead of traditional phone service? Additional reasons to consider business VoIP phones for your business include the following:

Video and Audio Conferencing

VoIP phone systems have video and audio conferencing capabilities, making sales meetings and client calls more effortless than ever before. Video conferencing technologies enable employees from around the world to connect easily.

Voice Mail

Business owners can customize voicemail messaging with VoIP phone systems. Helpful alerts indicate the exact time of missed calls, ensuring that every client receives timely responses.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing allows business owners to share information and conduct meetings easily. Instead of relaying information by word-of-mouth, employees can enable screen sharing to share information quickly with the click of a button.

Home and Mobile Working

Employees can direct work calls to their personal smartphones, laptops, and tablets with VoIP phone systems. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, the best VoIP phone systems enhance remote work capabilities.

CRM Integration

Customer relationship management proves essential for growing businesses. VoIP phone systems include advanced CRM integration features to help keep track of sales, marketing campaigns, customer questions, and more.

Call Monitoring

Call-monitoring technologies expedite the training of new employees and help ensure high-quality customer service.

Advanced Call Routing

Call routing can direct customer calls to specific employees and departments of your business. Clients appreciate call routing as a helpful tool for getting information and answers quickly, clearly, and without bouncing between various employees.

Call Recording

Call recording can significantly improve customer relationships and training practices for your business. VoIP phone systems paired with cloud-based storage can save recorded calls for future training purposes.

On-Hold Music and Messaging

Countless on-hold music choices and customized messages improve the reputation of your business. Anyone stuck on hold listening to the same nameless song for 15 minutes understands the importance of quality on-hold experiences.

Four Types of VoIP Services

Have you asked yourself, “what is the best VoIP phone service?” Many companies offer affordable VoIP phone services to meet the needs of your business. A few of the most popular VoIP services include the following:

Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP services use third-party servers located in off-site locations. Zoom, Nextiva, OpenPhone, and Webex Calling offer premium hosted VoIP services in Washington State. Small businesses lacking the space for legacy hardware greatly benefit from third-party hosted VoIP services.

Cloud-Based VoIP

Cloud-based VoIP systems have the storage capacity to handle huge call volumes, stored recordings, multiple phone extensions, and much more. Cloud-based systems allow business owners to easily access call logs and customer messages from anywhere.


Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) technologies continue to gain popularity throughout the United States. UCaaS systems integrate communication lines, software, and computing networks into one easy-to-use phone system. Nextiva, Vonage, and Ring Central remain the leading UCaaS providers in the U.S.


Communications platform as a service (CPaaS) includes groundbreaking services such as automated live chats, data analytics, application programming interfaces, and CRM tools. Advanced CPaaS systems streamline communication, improve customer experiences, and consolidate a wide range of business data.

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