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Succurri is your top-rated information security company. We have the knowledge and experience to implement reliable security programs to protect your company from unwanted cyber-attacks. When it comes to your business, protecting your data and customers’ information is vital. 

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What Is Information Security?

Information security, also known as InfoSec, aids in protecting digital data by creating business processes that keep your information in one secure location. It allows employees to access the data they need while blocking unauthorized individuals from viewing it. There are five standard features of information security which include: 

  • Application Security: Application security protects web, mobile applications, and software vulnerabilities by using defense systems. 
  • Cloud Security: Cloud security helps protect your business’s cloud information from security breaches. 
  • Cryptography: Cryptography uses a customized decryption key that only authorized individuals can use. Using encryption helps to block outsiders from accessing critical information or secure data. 
  • Infrastructure Security: Infrastructure security is responsible for protecting internal and external networks, servers, mobile devices, client devices, data centers, and other technology infrastructures. 
  • Vulnerability Management: Vulnerability management identifies and limits exploitations and data exfiltration before unauthorized individuals have the chance to access confidential information.

Why Is Information Security Important? 

Information security is essential in the IT sector for various reasons. InfoSec aids in protecting your company’s data and confidential information from hackers using numerous security measures. If hackers gain access to your information, they can then use it in various ways to reduce your company’s value and disrupt your processes. 

Cyber attacks can harm your company’s reputation. If you do not adequately protect their information or your data, it creates a less-than-ideal customer experience, leading to loss of business. Information security helps to stop unauthorized outsiders from stealing protected information and controls the disruption of services.

What Are the 3 Principles of Information Security? 

There are three principles of information security that help protect and guide the creation of security strategies. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability help maintain an organization’s security policies and evaluate how your company stores its data. The following are fundamental objectives of information security.

1. Confidentiality 

Confidentiality involves ensuring that an organization’s information is kept confidential. Confidentiality aims to stop people without proper permission from accessing any data and using it for harm. 

2. Integrity 

Integrity ensures that the information and data are trustworthy and accurate. In addition, InfoSec aids in stopping any data or information from being altered and edited by unauthorized users. 

3. Availability 

While keeping the company’s information confidential and ensuring its integrity is critical, it must also be available to the proper users. Availability ensures that data and information is functioning correctly and is obtainable to authorized individuals.


Succurri: Offering You Unparalleled Information Security Services

Succurri is your professional and reliable firm offering superior information security services. In addition, we provide information security analysts so that you can feel confident your company’s information is protected. Contact us today to learn more about our information security solution services.




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